115. Department of Atmospheric Physics

logo As part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague (and as the only university department in the Czech Republic), our department offers a comprehensive study of atmospheric physics, including courses in meteorology structured according to the World Meteorological Organization. We provide training of professionals in the fields of meteorology and climatology at all study levels, from bachelor to master and doctoral.

Research and study at our department focus on highly topical issues with high scientific and societal impacts - the primary issues of interest include climate dynamics and climate change, atmospheric chemistry and air quality modelling, small-scale turbulent flow simulations, study of gravity waves and their impact on global circulation, research of middle and higher atmosphere, and investigation of manifestations of nonlinear behavior and deterministic chaos in the atmosphere and the climate system. The Department is involved in a number of foreign and domestic research projects, carried out in collaboration with various Czech and international universities and research institutes.

Study at our Department is focused around atmospheric hydrodynamics and thermodynamics, with ample links to other physical and mathematical fields. Our courses cover the applications of atmospheric dynamics, energetics and circulation, fluid flow modelling, atmospheric and climatic impacts of anthropogenic influences, meteorological forecasts through numerical simulations, climate modelling and climate change evaluation, problems of atmospheric pollution, and remote sensing implementation and applications. Notable interdisciplinary crossovers exist to organic and inorganic chemistry, geophysics and astrophysics, including the study of extraterrestrial atmospheres. Our students participate in national and international research projects, and regularly visit the cooperating institutions abroad.

Scientific and educational activities of our department are focused in several key areas:

  • study of dynamics and evolution of the climate system, numerical modelling of the processes involved, past and future impacts of climate change
  • flow in the boundary layer, simulations of atmospheric turbulence and modelling of atmospheric transport, spatial dispersion and transformation of the air pollutants
  • dynamic and synoptic meteorology, current state of the atmosphere and its development, weather forecasts and numerical prognostic models
  • nonlinear dynamical systems in the atmosphere, deterministic chaos and predictability of atmospheric processes
  • processes in the middle atmosphere and stratosphere, stratospheric ozone, large-scale circulation in the middle and upper atmosphere, links with other atmospheric regions, influence of solar activity
  • simulations of atmospheric chemistry, chemical-dynamical links and their modelling
  • remote sensing techniques including radar and satellite observations
  • atmospheric aerosols including cloud and precipitation physics

The graduates from the Department of Atmospheric Physics are equipped with comprehensive knowledge of basic physical principles and related mathematical and statistical techniques, as well as familiarity with the relevant aspects of computer programming and information technologies. They are prepared to engage in basic or applied research, or to find employment at various positions in public institutions and commercial companies, dealing with industrial development, energy production and distribution, evaluation and management of weather-related risks, statistical analysis, or traffic control. Our graduates find employment in a broad scale of occupations, including the academia and research institutes, applied research and development centers, as well as in the public administration and business domains, particularly within the fields of energy production and distribution, air traffic control or extreme weather-related crisis management.

Further information about study, current activities at our Department or about research topics can be found also on our web http://kfa.mff.cuni.cz

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