Admission Requirements

Here we first describe the entry requirements for the bachelor’smaster’s and PhD programmes, and then explain how to submit your application. If you are interested in spending only one or two semesters at our university as an exchange student, please check our exchange programmes.

1. Bachelor’s Entry Requirements

2. Master’s Entry Requirements

3. PhD Entry Requirements

4. How to Apply

1. Take the standardized tests (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, …) and submit your scores.

We strongly recommend that applicants complete their standardized tests in time.

2. Collect all required documents and information including

  • personal details (name, date and place of birth, citizenship, permanent address, correspondence address, email address, passport number),
  • name and address of your secondary school,
  • school leaving certificate, diploma, and related documents (check this page for details),
  • standardized test scores.

3. Fill in the electronic application formHere you can view a sample application in pdf; it consists of a Czech and English part. Please note that the pdf that is generated from your online application is for your reference only; in particular, please do not send it to us.

4. Submit the application online. If you have any questions regarding your application, please write to Please make sure to upload with your application all the required documents as specified above. For TOEFL, SAT, ACT and IB, you should have your test scores sent directly to Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Here are our institution codes: TOEFL 3184, SAT 7249, ACT 6790, IB 000147.

The application fee for applications is 1500 CZK (Bachelor, Master) and 730 CZK (PhD). Please note that an application cannot be processed without the required documents having been received, nor can it be processed if the application fee has not been paid. Also, for enrolment we require an official copy of every document that you have submitted with your application (i.e., to submit your application a scanned copy of the relevant document is sufficient, but to complete the admission process you must provide an official document – e.g., a copy verified by a notary, or an original).

5. What happens then? After we have received your complete application, the review committee will carefully process all applications. If your application is successful, we will send you a letter of acceptance and an information pack explaining the next stage of the admission process. If your application is not successful, you will receive a letter from us to let you know this.

Any questions?

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