Financial support programme for Mathematics PhD Students

Active students are supported with a guaranteed monthly income 20000 CZK (tax exempt). The income can be further increased by participation in research projects and by teaching. Typical total monthly income is expected around 25000 CZK. For more details please contact the head of the respective department or Prof. Vít Dolejší (Vice-Dean for Mathematics).

Employment programme for Computer Science PhD Students

  • This programme is intended for PhD students in computer science advised at one of the departments of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. PhD students are typically employed at a position corresponding to an academic assistant. A separate application for this position, in addition to enrollment in the PhD program, is necessary.
  • The salary for this position together with the stipend guarantees monthly income 22 500 CZK of which about half is tax exempt. The income can be further increased by participation in projects. In the academic year 2019/20, the typical (median) total monthly income for first year PhD students was 29 500 CZK and it is expected to increase moderately during the second to fourth year of study. For details please contact the head of your department or Prof. Jiří Sgall, Vice-Dean for Computer Science.

Application Fee for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes

  • All applicants for the Academic year 2021/2022: 820 CZK (around 30 EUR) per application; please pay this by credit card, following the instructions given in the online application.

Tuition Fees for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes

  • The tuition fee for students from the EU is 84 000 CZK (around 3100 EUR) per academic year, for students from outside the EU 140 000 CZK (around 5100 EUR) per academic year.

Average living costs range from 400 to 600 EUR per month, including accommodation, meals, public transport, and leisure activities. More information about  living costs are given in the section Living in Prague.

Important Dates for Applicants in Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes


  • Taking the standardized tests TOEFL, ACT, SAT, …
  • Application server opens: October 2020
  • Application deadline: April 30, 2021
  • Enrolment and New Student Orientation: September 2021
  • Review Course for Computer Science Programmes: end of September 2021
  • First day of classes: October 1, 2021

Important Dates for Applicants in PhD Programmes

  • Application server opens: January 2021
  • Application deadline: April 30, 2021
  • Entrance examination: June 2021
  • Our decision: end of June
  • Enrolment and New Student Orientation: September 2021
  • Beginning of academic year 2021/2022: October 2021

Applicants from outside the EURopean Union and the Schengen Area are advised to apply in the winter round so as to have enough time for obtaining a student visa for the Czech Republic. The visa process can take up to 90 working days.