RNDr. Andrej Kancko

Katedra fyziky kondenzovaných látek
95155 1484
Místnost / budova
F 083, přízemí, Ke Karlovu 5, Ke Karlovu 2026/5, Praha 2

I am a first-year PhD student enrolled in the „Physics of Condensed Matter and Materials Research (P4F3)“ study programme. In my dissertation project I focus on magnetically frustrated systems, in particular the pyrochlore and kagome fluorides, with the aim of probing their magnetic ground-state (spin liquid, spin glass, spin ice etc.) as well as their exotic magnetic excitations. I have experience with single crystal growth (melt, flux, optical & laser floating zone method), electronic and magnetic property measurements (PPMS, MPMS (SQUID) – DC & AC magnetometry, heat capacity), electron microscopy (SEM), composition analysis (EDX) and structural analysis (powder X-Ray diffraction, Laue diffraction).