Mgr. Daniel Staško

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Short CV


2020 – : PhD studies at the Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University (FMP CU); the topic of the thesis ‘Crystallographic and electronic properties of rare-earth A2B2O7 oxides under extreme conditions’, supervisor RNDr. Milan Klicpera, Ph.D.

2018–2020: Master studies at FMP CU; the topic of the thesis ‘Pressure effects on physical properties of a selected Ce-based compound’.

2015–2018: Bachelor studies at FMP CU, General Physics; ‘Compressibility of an intermetallic compound’.


High pressure experiments (piston-cylinder cells, Bridgman anvil cells). Resistivity, magnetization, magnetic susceptibility, specific heat and compressibility measurements. Basic diffraction experiments (Laue and powder diffraction). Single crystal growth (Czochralski pulling method).

Fields of interest:

Physical properties (mostly crystallographic and electronic) of –4f oxides, mainly single crystals, structural stability, geometric frustrations and their tuning by high pressure, magnetic transitions and magnetic structures of intermetallics and oxides.