Help to people affected by Ukraine war

Psychological and consulting services of the Coordinator of Student Well-Being Services are intended to help all who are affected by the war in Ukraine. MFF UK provides help in two following ways:

Psychological and consulting support:

  1. For students directly affected by the war incidents

    We provide psychological care for the cases of frequently detected reactions on the actual situations, such as shocks, trauma, fears, worries about relatives, worries about the future, feeling helpless, anxious, angry or guilty. We are prepared to ensure our assistance on a long-term basis to prevent the person´s state of mind being adversely affected by the above mentioned extremely stressful psychical conditions, both in the present time and the future.

  2. For students and teachers affected by stressful conditions

    Do not hesitate to contact us if the difficulties of recent months have overwhelmed you causing you stress, lack of sleep, worsening of work performance, inability of decision-making, strong negative emotions, pressure to solve conflicts resulting from the war, uncertainty of how to talk about the war with your fellow-students, children and other people, etc.

    It is important to stop the cumulation of stress, to interrupt the chain of automatic negative thoughts and to give chance to psychical regeneration. Therefore, feel free to write or visit us. We are willing to listen to you and assist you directly or find an adequate help to solve your psychical problems.

Assistance with the request for financial support called “Scholarship granted to students in current difficult situation due to Ukraine war” at the Charles University Rectorate.

The administration of the Rectorate of Charles University allows to apply for “Scholarship granted to students in current difficult situation due to Ukraine war”. If you are interested in this supporting scholarship, please contact the coordinator of the Faculty Well-Being Services to make an appointment for getting complete information about the procedure. We register all the requests and coordinate the whole application process.

In justified cases of immediate financial need caused by the war there is a direct support available from MFF UK through „Scholarship in cases worthy of special attention”.

If you need psychological or financial help contact the Coordinator of Student Well-Being Services.


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