Psychological counselling

Psychological counselling is available to all students and teachers at MFF UK. It provides not only an immediate support for any person in need of assistance in their personal crisis, but also for anyone suffering from deterioration of quality of life due to their chronic precarious psychical conditions.

There is a significant increase in the prevalence of depression and anxiety in the whole population. Unpleasant states of mind may be experienced by individuals due to extraordinary psychical pressure and stress caused by the pandemic of Covid-19, the Ukraine war and other stressful situations.

It may be difficult for you to recognize when/if you need a professional help. Thus, do not hesitate to get in touch with us even if you are not sure how to deal with your problem. First, we will arrange an appointment giving you an immediate psychological support, eventually you may be referred to external specialists in the field of psychotherapy, psychology or psychiatry. In most cases an appropriate care can be provided within a few days.

Please see the list of warning signals showing you might need professional help:

  • sleeping problems (inability to fall asleep or excessive sleeping during the day);
  • long-term stress;
  • reluctance to go out and/or meet other people (even good friends);
  • lack of positive feelings, such as joy or pleasure and/or sensation of increasing tension (e.g., experiencing irrational fears or anxiety);
  • being unable to relax or face crises ;
  • feeling insecure, inefficient or lonely;
  • inability to cope with any stressful situation or crisis (split up, divorce, moving houses or other disturbing situation).

It is not easy to take the first step. You might think you are able or even obliged to cope with your problem by yourself. However, the path to stress relief and restoration of a good quality of life will be easier with a professional help. And this is why we are here for you - willing to listen and help.

To request psychological help, contact the Coordinator of Student Well-Being Services.


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