Work e-mail addresses of the faculty employees

For work-related purposes, each faculty employee has to use an e-mail address, which:

  1. conforms with the advice no. 3 of the university data protection officer and
  2. is recorded in the Amoeba database.


1. Does my current address conform with the advice no 3. of the university DPO?

All addresses in a form *@* (i.e., with the suffix plus several others (see the advice), conforms with it.

2. How can I obtain an apropriate address?

There are a number of ways. The following email addresses conform with the advice:

3. Why is it necessary that my address is stored in the Amoeba database?

The Amoeba database serves as a data primary source for a number of other university systems. In a case, you email address is not stored in Amoeba, then most probably is not in other systems and you may miss important emails from them.

4. How can I check which address is stored in Amoeba?

The address shown on the person page in the Organizational structure is loaded from Amoeba.

5. How can I insert/modify my address in Amoeba?

Most of the employess can modify the email address in Ameba directly — see the guide How to change registered contact details.

Also, you can contact an authorized person, which is typically a deparment secretary.

6. What is Amoeba?

The Amoeba database is a primary data source for storing contact information about employees (and external fellows and selected students), managing the faculty (physical) access system, etc. Data from Amoeba are shared with a number of university systems, e.g., the university Whois system.


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