How to update personal contact information

Out faculty registers personal contact information (phone, email,...) of each emploee (and also for selected exteranal fellows and students). These information are stored in the Amoeba database. As these information are displayed on the faculty website and they are propagated to a number of other university systems, it is very important to keep them up-to-date.

Since March 2021, each employee can update his/her personal information (previously, only several authorized persons could update these information directly in Amoeba).

To updated the contact information, proceed as follows:

  1. At the faculty website, click to Login.Klikněte na možnost Přihlásit.
  2. Log in via CAS (university Cental Autentication Service).Přihlaste se
  3. Click on the Administration (an icon with a wrench).Klikněte na ikonku
  4. Select the Web option in the left menu (based on your current access persmissions, the menu can contain different options than in the figure). Rozklikněte volbu Web
  5. Click on the option Osobní info — Amoeba (in an unlikely case you do not see this option, then you have unsufficient permissions and you need to contact an authorized person, which is typically a deparment secretary).Klikněte na volbu Osobní info
  6. Update your personal information and store them via the button with a diskette icon.Údaje upravte a uložte

Last update: 23rd June 2021

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