Special forms of study

Non-degree programmes are governed by the Lifelong Learning Regulations of Charles University. Special forms of study are open to every applicant who has graduated from high school or who holds a university degree, and, in exceptional cases, upon obtaining the prior written consent of the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, also to a candidate who has not yet completed secondary education but whose previous studies or results are well-documented and justify such an exception being made.

A necessary condition for admission to courses given in English is a knowledge of English at level C1 or higher, which must be substantiated in one of the following ways:

  • proof of having successfully taken graduation examinations (high school diploma or equivalent, or degree) in English,
  • proof of having completed at least two years of their previous studies at secondary level or higher with English as the sole language of instruction in one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, or USA,
  • proof of passing English as a foreign language at level C1 or higher in one of the following tests: TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge ESOL, TELC, MELAB, TOEIC.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline for electronic enrolment in the winter or summer semester, dates for which can be found in the Academic Calendar for the relevant academic year. Auditors*) cannot be enrolled in their special form of study without a completed application form (provided to them by a Student Adviser at the Student Affairs Department), proof of payment for the relevant semester (or both semesters if the participant wishes to make a single payment of the amount due for the whole academic year), and a completed Fire Protection and Occupational Safety Record.
Applicants should also become familiar with the Lifelong Learning Regulations prior to visiting the Student Affairs Department.

Payment details: Fee 70 000 CZK / semester. Account number: 21210277/0100, variable symbol 7, and specific symbol the applicant's ID number (this is your rodné číslo, if holding this Czech birth registration number; otherwise, it is the applicant number assigned to you when you apply).

*) "Auditor" is the academic term for a person taking a course without wishing to count it towards a degree, in which case he or she "audits" the course.

Auditors of special forms of study (i.e. following courses, but not as a full-time student) may enrol in courses offered in English in the semester the course in which they are interested is offered. For capacity reasons the faculty may limit the number of people who can enrol in a given course. The codes of the courses which the applicant is interested in taking are entered directly into the designated fields on the application form. Course registration on SIS by the deadline for electronic enrolment is the reponsibility of the applicant; items electronically entered into SIS must agree with the courses listed on the application form. If you are interested in auditing courses as part of the lifelong learning programme, please contact us at the Student Affairs Department by sending an email to info@matfyz.cuni.cz, and we can help you to process your application.

Should an auditor elect to obtain course credits or to take examinations, which is not a necessary requirement for the special form study, credits and/or examinations for such courses for which they have registered must be completed by the end of the academic year in which they were admitted and they enrolled in the course.


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