For prospective students

Prior to submitting the application

Prior to submitting an application, we recommend to carefully review the study program profiles. There are no formal restrictions for studying in any study program at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, but please consider the appropriateness of your chosen program given the nature of your diagnosis. If you have doubts about the suitability of your choice or uncertainties regarding the course of study and its difficulty, we recommend consulting with the contact person at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Ms. Veronika Jonáková, or with Mr. Lukáš Krump, Ph.D..

Should you need a barrier-free environment, you can find a detailed description of the accessibility of all buildings of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics here.

You can also find a wide range of useful information in person at our regularly organized events at Charles University targeted to prospective students. These include the following:

Modification of admission procedures

If you are applying for admission to the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and have special needs you can request a modification of the entrance exam. The most common modifications include gaining additional time for taking the exam, enlarged print of the exam assignment, the presence of a sign language interpreter, the use of various aids and technologies, barrier-free adjustments, etc. – always tailored to your specific needs.

If you would like to request a modification, please follow the steps below:

  1. In the electronic application, check the box Requests for special treatment due to medical disability and select the type of the health condition.
  2. If you know your requirements, you can describe them. If you leave the field empty, the form of modification will be agreed upon when you communicate with the faculty.
  3. Upload your scanned and signed Request for modification of the entrance exam together with the required documents demonstrating your medical disability (medical certificate, recommendation of a pedagogical-psychological counselling centre, etc.).

The request for modification of the entrance exam must be submitted before the applicationsubmission deadline. You can find everything you need on the Admission requirements web pages: admission terms, deadlines, a link for creating a new application, etc.

Valid documents for recognizing a medical disability

If you would like to request a modification of the admission procedures (as well as for registration as a student with special needs), a current and valid document demonstrating your medical disability must be provided. The following are acceptable documents:

  1. Proof of medical disability, in the meaning of Section 67 of Act no. 435/2004 Sb., on employment, or
  2. Proof of disability of any degree, in the meaning of Section 39 of Act no. 155/1995 Sb., on pension insurance, or
  3. ID card for a person with a medical disability of any degree, in the meaning of Section 34 of Act no. 329/2011 Sb., on the provision of benefits to persons with medical disabilities, or
  4. Proof of a specific learning disorder determined on the basis of the results obtained by a generally agreed diagnosis of specific learning disorders (if you have not yet been diagnosed, you can take the DysTest at CU), or
  5. Proof of an autism spectrum disorder determined on the basis of a comprehensive examination by a clinical psychologist, or
  6. Medical report on the results of an expert medical examination in the case of persons who are unable to provide proof as set out in points a) to e) above, or
  7. Decision of the Association of Service Providers for Students with Specific Needs at Public Research Institutions (AP3SP) in those cases where, for objective reasons, the student cannot provide the proof as set out in points a) to c) above or if they were not recognized as eligible to obtain these documents, nevertheless the AP3SP confirms that the impact of their disability on the financial demands of studying corresponds to the proposed requirement.

You should communicate with the Student Affairs Department about any modifications to the admission procedures. In the event of questions or uncertainties, you may also address the contact person.


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