Written opinions of professors of the same or related field

The applicant must supply original letters of recommendation from two professors of the same or related field, if possible, from different countries, or recommendation from the dean of the faculty or the rector of the university. Additional letters of recommendations from prominent experts in the field of appointment can be attached. These experts do not have to be professors in the field if they are not working at universities. Received letters of recommendations from experts or the dean/rector must evaluate the entire scientific activity of the applicant and define his contribution to the field of appointment procedure.

If the proposal to initiate the procedure is submitted by the applicant, the applicant can ask the authors of the letters of recommendation to send these letters directly to the dean of the faculty.

If the proposal to initiate the procedure is submitted by the applicant who does NOT ensure that letters of recommendations are attached or sent to the dean's office, the dean will initiate request for letters of recommendation from foreign professors/experts of the same or a related field at his own discretion. In this case, the applicant can provide 4 to 6 possible authors of recommendation letters for the dean to consider.

On December 4, 2013 at the meeting of the Scientific Board of the MFF UK, a majority favored foreign experts providing two letters of recommendation for the applicant.

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