List of publications – Breakdown

A. Scientific monographs.

B. Chapters in scientific monographs.

C. Original scientific works divided into published works

(C1) In professional journals published abroad.

(C2) In professional journals published in the Czech Republic.

(C3) In peer-reviewed proceedings published abroad.

(C4) In peer-reviewed proceedings published in the Czech Republic.

D. Textbooks and scripts.

E. Other professional work. Papers in proceedings outside (C1) and (C2), translations, didactic work, software products, etc. Works of different nature must be distinguished.

F. Patents.

H. Dissertation thesis. (Rigorous, Candidate, Doctoral theses, etc.)

Each thesis is listed accordingly to the bibliographic standards of the field and is included only in one part of the breakdown. In the case of work with co-authors, it is necessary to state applicant's share of work. The journal IF should correspond to the year of publication of the article (if known at the date of initiating the granting procedure), otherwise applicant will add the last known journal IF.

Finally, the applicant can attach a personal statement on his/her thesis, any additional information that are to be considered important, and provide detailed comments regarding to his/her contribution to the joint work.

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