Accredited fields for Habilitation Procedures and Procedures for the Appointment of Professors at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

 Valid fromValid untilAssociate ProfessorshipFull Professorship
Astronomy and Astrophysics27 Oct 202326 Oct 2033yesyes
Biophysics, Chemical and Macromolecular Physics13 Dec 202313 Dec 2033yesyes
Particle and Nuclear Physics27 Oct 202326 Oct 2033yesyes
Physics Education and General Problems of Physics13 Dec 202313 Dec 2033yesno
Atmospheric Physics, Meteorology and Climatology13 Dec 202313 Dec 2033yesyes
Physics of Condensed Matter and Materials Research27 Oct 202326 Oct 2033yesyes
Physics of Nanostructures and Nanomaterials27 Oct 202326 Oct 2033yesyes
Physics of Plasmas and Ionized Media27 Oct 202326 Oct 2033yesyes
Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces27 Oct 202326 Oct 2033yesyes
Physics of the Earth and Planets13 Dec 202313 Dec 2033yesyes
Quantum Optics and Optoelectronics27 Oct 202326 Oct 2033yesyes
Theoretical Physics27 Oct 202326 Oct 2033yesyes
Computer Science – Mathematical Linguistics07 Feb 202407 Feb 2034yesyes
Computer Science – Software Systems06 Dec 202306 Dec 2033yesyes
Computer Science – Theoretical Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Discrete Models and Optimisation06 Dec 202306 Dec 2033yesyes
Education and History of Mathematics and Computer Science08 Jan 202007 Jan 2030yesno
Mathematics – Algebra, Number Theory and Mathematical Logic03 Oct 202302 Oct 2033yesyes
Mathematics – Geometry, Topology and Global Analysis03 Oct 202302 Oct 2033yesyes
Mathematics – Mathematical Analysis27 Oct 202326 Oct 2033yesyes
Mathematics – Numerical and Computational Mathematics27 Oct 202326 Oct 2033yesyes
Mathematics – Mathematical and Computer Modeling27 Oct 202326 Oct 2033yesyes
Mathematics – Probability and Statistics, Econometrics and Financial Mathematics27 Oct 202326 Oct 2033yesyes
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