Welcome to the LabTS

The LabTS is an airconditioned PC lab for all students and emloyees of the Faculty of Mathemathics and Physics and ocasionaly for teaching. Students from other faculties can obtain access based on a request of their teacher.

The LabTS is located in the room V184 in building V in campus Troja V Holešovičkách 2, 180 00 Praha 8 at the first floor to the left from the main entrance (similary to the Department of Languages)


  • internet and network access
  • colour printing
  • scanner
  • CD and DVD burning (empty CDs and DVDs are available for a fair price )
  • 10 GB user space at su.mff.cuni.cz
  • licensed software software (Mathematica, Matlab, IDL ...)
  • 3.5" FDD a and memory stick reades (SD/MMC/SM/MS/MS Pro/CF/MD/SM)
  • PC (Windows - 7)
  • PC (Linux - Gentoo)
  • scaner CanoScan Lide
  • greyscale printer HP LaserJet
  • colour printer OKI
  • older projector
  • blackboard
  • 2021 airconditioner

Login is provided by CAS (Central Authentications Service of the university, the same as SIS)

Opening Hours

  • Every working day 8:00AM - 8:00PM
  • During vacations the opening hours can be reduced
  • Opening hours can also be changed based on our capabilities, ongoing classes... See calendar below:


Greyscale one-sided 1 Kč
Greyscale duplex 1,50 Kč
Colour one-sided 2 Kč
Colour duplex 3,50 Kč



CD 4 Kč
DVD 7 Kč
Europackage 1 Kč
Coloured paper 1 Kč



  • +420 951 552 521 - phone to the PC lab
  •  kotekja@mbox.troja.mff.cuni.cz - Questions, comments, complaints as well as requests to become student service member at the lab



The main regulations governing the lab are Deans order no. 4/2018 and  notices posted in the lab as well as on a notice board next to its door.

Users are requested to observe these regulations as well as rules for using computer networks at the Faluclty of Mathemathics and Physics, Internet ethics and instructions of administrator and supervisor.

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