110. Department of Macromolecular Physics

The Department of Macromolecular Physics conducts research in the fields of macromolecular physics, physics of nanomaterials and theoretical physics. The field of macromolecular physics is focused on the research of polymer networks, hydrogels, conductive polymers, supramolecular complexes, organic semiconductors and plasma polymers. In the field of physics of nanomaterials, we study advanced single and multicomponent organic, inorganic and hybrid nanoparticles, nanocomposites, nanostructures and nano-fluids with a focus on the development of unique plasma methods enabling "green" synthesis of nanomaterials without chemical waste, residues and linkers. In the field of theoretical physics, we deal with molecular motors, non-equilibrium thermodynamics of small systems, diffusion of interacting particles and heat fluctuations, and work in stochastic thermodynamics.

Our department is equipped with a wide range of devices for advanced research of studied materials at the submolecular, molecular and supramolecular level, as well as for their preparation with potential application in the areas of targeted drug delivery, antibacterial and antiviral surfaces, dressings for regenerative wound healing, plasmonic nanomaterials, mesoporous layers for optoelectronic energy transformation and photocatalysis. We also have a broad knowledge base in the field of probabilistic modeling in physics.

Our department participates in teaching within the bachelor's study program "General Physics", is responsible for the study plans "Physics of Macromolecular Substances" and "Physics of Real Surfaces" in the direction of the master's field " "Physics of Condensed Systems and Materials" and participates in providing doctoral study programs " Physics of Macromolecular and Biological Structures".

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