Admission Requirements for Bachelor's Programmes in English (2018/2019)

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Admission Procedure

Application's submission:Winter round: February 28, 2018
Spring round: May 31, 2018

Applicants from outside the European Union and the Schengen Zone are advised to apply in the Winter round to have enough time for obtaining a student Visa or Long Term Residence Permit for the Czech Republic.
Entrance examination date:June 13, 2018
Alternative entrance examination date:June 25, 2018 – can be requested for serious reasons only
Charge for on-line application:600 CZK

Information on the Admission Procedure

Bachelor’s Entry Requirements

The goal of the admissions review process is to select from the pool of applicants those individuals who have shown the best capability and diligence expected of Charles University students. To apply for the Bachelor of Computer Science programme delivered in English you must:

  • hold or be working towards a School Leaving Certificate (Diploma) or its equivalent; in cases required by law, a certification of equivalence of education must accompany the application;
  • meet the Reasoning Requirements, and
  • provide sufficient proof of English Language Proficiency.

To submit your scores electronically, please use the following Institution codes:
TOEFL 3184
SAT 7249
ACT 6790
IB 000147

School Leaving Certificate (Diploma)

Depending on the country in which you completed secondary school or high school, you must submit the following documents:

  • For applicants from Germany, Poland, Hungary and Slovenia: secondary school leaving certificate and, if the school certificate does not clearly show the content and scope of subjects that you have studied, also certified secondary school transcripts with an official translation into English or Czech (if issued in a different language to these).
  • For applicants from all other countries: secondary school leaving certificate and also certified secondary school transcripts with an official translation into English or Czech (if issued in a different language to these).

If you have not yet completed your secondary education but you will complete it soon, let us know. You can provide us with the documentation later; however, you must have completed your studies before enrolment.

Conditions for Admission Without Entrance Examination

Reasoning Requirements

The table below summarizes the minimum Reasoning Requirements for the undergraduate Computer Science programme at Charles University, Prague. If you have not yet studied in this programme, you must achieve the minimum score for at least one of the qualifications listed here or provide us with comparable results for other recognized qualifications such as Irish Leaving Certificate, German Abitur, Bagrut in Israel, HKDSE in Hong Kong or STMP in Malaysia (specific required scores for other internationally recognized qualifications will be provided on request). If you have already studied in this programme, you must take our Entrance Examination and our Mathematics Entrance Test.

Test Minimum score
SAT Composite Score (Math + Reading + Writing) 1650
SAT Subject Test in Mathematics, level I or II 700
ACT Composite Score 24
ACT Mathematics 24
International Baccalaureate Diploma 32
International Baccalaureate Mathematics HL 6
GCE AS Levels or GCE A Levelsx (not including General Studies, Critical Thinking or Key Skills) A A B
GCE AS Level or GCE A Level Mathematicsx B
Mathematics Entrance Test at Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (optional)xx 40

x Applicants who receive their A Level results after the application deadline will be given conditional offers in June or July on the basis of their predicted grades; the offer will be confirmed after the results come out.

xx Applicants who do not sufficiently demonstrate the necessary reasoning requirements by May 9, 2018, or with their application, will be invited to take the entrance examination in Prague.

Compliance with admission requirements for the Computer Science programme in Czech is an alternative to the above minimum Reasoning Requirements.

English Language Proficiency

All applicants must have an adequate command of English in order to enrol at Charles University. An applicant’s proficiency level in English may be demonstrated by various language tests; any language test results should not be older than two years. The only exemption from this requirement is for students who have completed at least two years of their previous education with English as the sole language of instruction in one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, or USA.

The table below summarizes the minimum requirements in the various tests of English that we recognize; you must meet the minimum score for at least one of the tests listed here, or provide us comparable results for other recognized qualifications (if in doubt please contact us to obtain specific required scores for other internationally recognized English Language qualifications).

Test Minimum score
TOEFL Paper/Computer/Internet based 550/213/80
SAT Critical Reading and Writing 550 in each part
ACT English and Reading 24
International Baccalaureate English 6
The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 6.5
Cambridge ESOL FCE A level
Cambridge ESOL CPE, or Cambridge ESOL CAE Passed
City&Guilds International ESOL, or City&Guilds International Spoken ESOL Expert level
The European Language Certificates Level TELC English C1
UNIcert English for Mathematicians Level C1
Melab 77
Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) Pass
Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) 605
General State Language Examination in English in the Czech Republic Pass

Description of the Entrance Examination and Evaluation Criteria

The entrance examination takes place in June 2018 in Prague, organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. The entrance test consists of 10 problems, each worth a maximum of 10 points, for a maximum total score of 100. You might wish to look at a sample (see above), the 2012 test (pdf), the 2013 test (pdf), the 2014 test (pdf) or the 2015 test (pdf).

The entrance examination is not compulsory — it is an alternative to the other standardized tests.

For the entrance examination, the only equipment that you will need is stationery. The use of any other equipment is not permitted.

“Under Art. 4 (5) of the Admissions Procedure Code of Charles University, the faculty is to send to an applicant the invitation to an entrance examination through the University Electronic Information System not later than 30 days before the date of the examination. Should the faculty send an invitation for an alternative date of the entrance examination this period may be shortened accordingly. A password to log into the electronic information system is obtained by an applicant after the applicant has submitted the application to study.”

Information on the admission procedure

How to apply:

  1. Take the standardized tests (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, …) and submit your scores. We strongly recommend that applicants complete their standardized tests in time. If you prefer to take the entrance examination organized by Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, then you are not obliged to take one of these standardized tests.
  2. Collect all required documents and information including personal details (name, date and place of birth, citizenship, address of your permanent residence, address for correspondence, email address, passport number), name and address of your secondary school, school leaving certificate and related documents, standardized test scores.
  3. Fill in the electronic application form. Here you can view a sample application in pdf; it consists of a Czech and English part. Please note that the pdf that is generated from your online application is for your reference only; in particular, please do not send it to us.
  4. Submit the application online. If you have any questions regarding your application, please write to Please make sure to upload with your application all required documents as specified above. For TOEFL, SAT, ACT and IB, you should have your test scores sent directly to Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Here are our institution codes: TOEFL 3184, SAT 7249, ACT 6790, IB 000147.

Please note that an application without the required documents cannot be processed. Also note that for enrollment we need an official copy of every document that you have submitted with your application (i.e., to submit your application a scanned copy of the relevant document is sufficient, but to complete the admission process you have to provide an official document – e.g., a copy verified by a notary, or an original).

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