State Final Examination for the Master of Computer Science study program

Master thesis defense

Theses must be submitted and registered for defense within the deadlines set by the academic calendar. The electronic submission process includes technical file format checks per Dean's Directive 4/2019, it is recommended to perform these checks early on a draft submission.

The defense starts with the student presenting the thesis, the presentation is followed by summaries of the advisor and reviewer positions and a public discussion. The defenses are scheduled back-to-back, students should arrive with some time reserve and possibly also check the presentation equipment beforehand.

The presentation structure is up to the student, a slide show is common, extensions such as live software demonstration are also possible. The presentation materials should be a in common electronic format (for example a PDF document) on a common media (for example a USB stick), using own device is also possible. The entire presentation should take 10-12 minutes, similar time is dedicated to reviews and discussion.

An electronic version of the presentation materials is stored in the university repository alongside the thesis and should be submitted via mail to the board secretary, Kateřina Hegrová.

Knowledge exam

The exam begins with handing out the test questions, tailored for individual study programs and specializations, a specific response order may also be set at this time. The questions can concern any topic area and can ask for definitions, applications or proofs – the intent of the test is to cover all core topic areas using a spectrum of question types with the aggregate time requirements ranging between two and three hours.

As the next step, the student prepares the answers, possibly in writing. The answers are presented to the examination board, the board will follow up with discussion as necessary. The exam result is announced at the end of the exam.

The exam is geared towards general overview – the evaluation focuses on basic understanding of the relevant principles, where an appropriate language (formally accurate definitions and statements, correct terminology, common notation) and an understanding of associations and applications are required. Reasonable knowledge of technical details may be required where necessary to illustrate the understanding of the relevant principles. For particular specialization of Software Systems study branch, the detailed list of topics can be found here.

Writing implements and photo ID are required. No notes, books or other reference material is permitted, neither are pocket calculators, phones, tablets or similar electronic devices.


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