Course Enrolment

Note on terminology: we distinguish between enrolment in a course and enrolment in the schedule. Enrolment in a course in a given study section is the information filed electronically in SIS that shows you intend to pass the course in this study section, which allows you to take the course being taught and to sit the exam. Enrolment in the schedule is the information about when and where the course you are taking will be taught.

Enrolment in courses takes place each semester according to the faculty Academic Calendar. Students enrol electronically via SIS. During the enrolment period, students may themselves change the list of courses in which they plan to enrol. After the enrolment period, the Department of Student Affairs will confirm enrolment in the courses you have selected and that you have the right to enrol in; to make any subsequent changes you must contact the Department of Student Affairs.

Enrolment in courses takes place in two phases. In the first phase, you can enrol in those courses that are designated for you (by your programme, study branch or study group) as well as in those courses that do not have enrolment restrictions. In the second phase, enrolment is opened to all other students of Charles University, subject to the capacity constraints of courses. The first phase of enrolment usually begins about two weeks before the start of the semester. The second phase begins at the start of the semester (see Academic Calendar).

Enrolment in the schedule is compulsory for each course in which you enrol. This means that when enrolling in a course it is also required to choose a particular time and place for the lecture or class in the course schedule (to this choice corresponds a “registration code” for the course). Enrolment in the schedule is done electronically via SIS; during the enrolment period it is also possible to change your schedule selections. It is necessary to select a particular “registration code” even for courses that have not yet been scheduled. Enrolment in the schedule follows the same Academic Calendar as enrolment in courses.

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