Annual Evaluation following the First Study Section and Enrolment in the Second Study Section in Bachelor's Degree programmes

Both annual evaluations and enrolment in the next study section are carried out by the students themselves through the Student Information System of the University (hereinafter referred to as "SIS").

1) Dates of annual evaluation of study and enrolment in the next study section

Dates are published annually in the Academic Calendar of the academic year.

2) Information on evaluation and enrolment

Before the annual evaluation, students are advised to check that all credits and exams they have passed have been entered into SIS by the teachers concerned; if irregularities are detected, follow Art. 14, Par. 3 of the Rules for Organization of Studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

To complete evaluation and enrolment in the next study section, follow these steps:

  • Log into SIS.
  • Click on "Test results - viewing" and then on "Checks" in the green menu bar.
  • Right next to "Evaluate to proceed to the next study section," click "Execute". The evaluation usually takes a few seconds (at most a few minutes). You can update the list of evaluation results by clicking on the link "Checks" in the green menu bar.
  • If the evaluation is positive ("The outcome of the checks: fulfilled"), you are eligible for enrolment in the next study section. Enrol by clicking next to the text "Enrol in the next study sections" on "Execute". After the successful completion of this step, you are enroled in the next study section.

3) Additional remarks

It is recommended that students finish evaluation at the latest 10 days before the deadline (see paragraph 1 above) so as to have enough time to resolve any problems at the Department of Student Affairs. Do not leave checking evaluations until the last moment!!

If the result of the evaluation is negative ("The outcome of the checks: not fulfilled" - in this case SIS will indicate the reason why the result is negative), and you are sure that it should be positive, immediately contact your appropriate Student Advisor (preferably in person, or by email) to resolve any ambiguities.

If evaluation is not successfully completed by the deadline published in the Academic Calendar, students will not be able to continue their studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in the next study section, as described in Art. 4, Par. 9 of the Code of Study and Examination of Charles University. In this case, students are strongly advised to expedite the administrative steps required for the termination of their studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. They should bring "a written statement of withdrawal from study” to the Department of Student Affairs as soon as possible.

If the annual evaluation and enrolment in the next study section have been successful but you cannot or do not wish to continue your studies (e.g. because of health or family reasons, etc.), contact your Student Advisor immediately and agree on how to proceed with her.

After enrolment in the second study section, you still have the possibility of completing unfulfilled study requirements for which you had originally registered in the first study section. This work should be completed by the end of the second study section. The results, however, will not affect students’ credits completed during the first study section, but will contribute to their credit total in the annual evaluation after the second study section.

4) Enrolment in the next study section

After passing the annual evaluation and enrolling in the next study section, do not forget to enrol in courses you plan to take in the summer semester by the date specified in the Academic Calendar.


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