Joint Laboratory for Magnetic Studies

The Joined Laboratory for Magnetic Studies was formally established in 1998 as a result of a close collaboration between the group of magnetic properties at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and the high pressure group at the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Starting from 2019, the laboratory has been operated within the Large Research Infrastructure MGML (Materials Growths and Measurement Laboratory), supported by the Czech Research Infrastructures program.

The laboratory offers to its users open access to measurements of a wide portfolio of physical (magnetic, transport, thermal, acoustic, and elastic) properties of materials through several complementary experimental techniques. The extensive range of MGML instruments makes it possible to carry out the measurements in the temperature range from mK up to several hundred degrees Celsius, magnetic (up to 20 T) and electric (from -50V to + 50V) fields, hydrostatic and uniaxial pressures up to 15 GPa.

Charles University Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Czech Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics
Contact: Prof. Pavel Javorský