Symbiotic Binary Stars on Matfyz

June 21, 2024

In June, an international astronomical conference called Symbiotic Stars, Weird Novae, and Related Embarrassing Binaries took place at our faculty. The lectures and subsequent discussions included remarkable binary systems that still surprise us with their behaviour, sudden bursts of flare, massive matter transfer, or expanding common envelope.

Approximately a hundred experts have gathered in Prague to discuss the topic of binary stars which is getting more at the forefront of the entire astronomical community. Despite increasing accurate terrestrial and satellite measurements, it is not possible to fully explain all the phenomena often observed in these unique binary systems (i.e., a hot White dwarf plus a cold Red giant).

Also, amateur observers are becoming important in this field. Thanks to their smaller instruments located in remote parts of the globe, they systematically take accurate measurements. All Friday’s programme was devoted to their presentations.

A conference that would talk about the symbiotic stars has not been held for a long time. All participants agreed that in the coming years it would be appropriate to repeat this event. The environment of the historic building of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Malá Strana also contributed to the successful course. The main organiser of this event was the Astronomical Institute of Charles University, the co-organizer was the company Planetum – Observatory and Planetarium of the Capital City of Prague. RNDr. Jaroslav Merc, Ph.D. (AI CUNI) played an important role as a chairman of the scientific organising committee.


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