PhD Matfyz Student Elected to New EMS Young Academy

March 9, 2023

The EMS Young Academy (EMYA), established this year by the European Mathematical Society (EMS) to support young mathematicians from Europe, elected its first members. Among them is the representative of Matfyz dr. Hana Turčinová from the Department of Mathematical Analysis.

A new organisation to support the professional development of young researchers and to involve them in the activities and decision-making processes of the European Mathematical Society will consist of a total of 120 mathematicians from Europe.

Hana Turčinová, who is among the first elected members, is a fourth-year PhD student at the CUNI MFF. Since 2017 she has been teaching, and in 2020 she was awarded among the best teachers in the student survey. Throughout her studies she has always helped with the faculty events. Dr. Turčinová is also a member of the Matfyz disciplinary committee. Since 2015 she has been the organizer, in recent years also the head organizer, of the Summer School of Mathematics and Physics. In 2022 she became a member of the committee of the Czech Mathematical Society. Dr. Hana Turčinová is a co-author of two published publications and has participated in several grants (GAČR, GAUK, Primus, Start). She has taken part in many scientific conferences and seminars both in Europe and in the USA and has completed internships at The Arctic University of Norway in Narvik. In 2019 she won the first place in the SVOČ competition in Brno.

Besides Dr. Hana Turčinová, there is among the first 30 members of EMYA for the period 2023-2026 also Dr. Zdeněk Mihula, who was proposed by the Czech Mathematical Society as well. Dr. Mihula is a graduate of Matfyz who currently works at the CTU. Congratulations!



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