Open Day: Most repeated questions with answers!

December 3, 2020

1) How to apply and get accepted to Matfyz?

The process is truly simple! Do not forget to check the deadlines and send the application form on time, usually it is the end of March. The whole process is online.

For Bachelor’s degree programmes in English, there is no entrance exam. The applicant is accepted based on his or her score in SAT or ACT standardized tests and on the High School Graduation Certificate.

In most cases of the English Master programmes, the applicant is accepted without passing the entrance exam (the rules are shared on our website). The exception relates to the Master Programme of Computer Science. Applicants must deliver so-called “home assignment” assigned by the faculty. If needed, we might send you the illustration of the home assignment from previous years (email).

The only request which we insist on is to send us your application with all the attached files in due time.

For further details visit our website.

2) If I am interested in studying programming, do I need to have some background knowledge and skills with programming before entering Matfyz?

No, you do not for our Bachelor programme of Computer Science. Preliminary skill of programming is not requested. However, it is necessary to be aware of high school level of mathematics.

3) I would like to study Computer Graphics, Vision and Game Development. What should I do?

You need to enrol in our Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Computer Science. Around second year of your Bachelor programme, you are supposed to choose your specialization and one of them is the mentioned Computer Graphics. Subsequently, you focus on your specialization during following Master’s Degree programme.

4) Why should I choose Matfyz instead of ČVUT (CTU)?

We have great international and domestic results, employment rate and attitude towards students. ČVUT is rather “mass” university, hence it accepts more applicants. We rather promote individualistic approach. Moreover, Matfyz will help you to develop your analytical and critical thinking.

5) How big is the chance that my request for a dormitory will be accepted?

Hence you are an international student, your chance is 100%.

6) What should I do if I find out that I lag behind my classmates in the course of my studies?

There are certain courses and seminars, which are provided by the faculty during the semester. Also, your older colleagues are willing to help if needed. Most of them offer catch-up classes. We would like to encourage you to contact your tutors and advisors if you would feel lost.

7) Is it possible to make some extra money during my studies?

Yes, of course. We also support our students’ work and good ideas by grants. Furthermore, we organize regularly so-called Days of Companies, where you may find your possible employment.

8) Do I need to attend both the lectures and seminars?

No, usually only seminars are obligatory. But we strongly recommend you to also attend the lectures, hence the theory helps you and make your seminars easier.

9) Are study internships obligatory?

Usually not. Most of our departments do not insist on internships. Many students of Computer Science work simultaneously with their studies though. However, the Erasmus+ programme is suggested.

10) Is studying at Matfyz demanding to the extent that I would have to avoid certain hobbies and limit my social life?

No. A lot of our students study two various programmes or universities simultaneously, for instance music and mathematics (that is truly a common combination). Others are amazing sportspersons, some of them professional. Besides, Matfyz holds many social events during the year and encourage you to cooperate with your classmates.

11) What is the percentage of women studying at Matfyz?

The average share accounts for 25 % of women at Matfyz. The number varies from programme to programme of course. However, we would like to encourage everyone who desires to study mathematics, physics or computer science to try to apply. Everybody has a chance!

Hint: Do not underestimate your first year of studies, which usually decides whether you keep studying at our faculty or not.


Check out our website in English to find out more about the opened programmes and application process! There will be no Open Day in English, but feel free to contact us: Thank you and we wish you good luck!


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