New Dean's Inauguration

September 10, 2020

Associate professor Mirko Rokyta has been inaugurated as Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. He replaced Prof. Jan Kratochvíl, the previous head of the faculty.

"Matfyz has been my entire professional life. In 1980 I enrolled at a university here, in 1990 I started teaching here, in 2000 I got awarded a degree of associate professor and now, in 2020, it has progressed to the next level," summarised the new Dean Mirko Rokyta. He got inaugurated by Charles University rector Prof. Tomáš Zima in the Baroque refectory of the faculty building at Malostranské náměstí.

Rokyta also recalled the merits of the now former dean Prof. Jan Kratochvíl. Among other things, he highlighted the successful completion of the IMPAKT building in Troja. For his contributions to the faculty, Prof. Jan Kratochvíl received the Historical Medal from the rector and the Faculty Medal from the new dean. Prof. Jan Kratochvíl subsequently awarded faculty awards to vice deans who also ended their terms.

The closing part of the inauguration belonged to Mirko Rokyta. "Life here has always been well-lived. Let me use the quotation of the writer Antoine de-Saint Exupéry, who said that there is only one true luxury in the world, and that is good interpersonal relationships. I hope we continue to enjoy this luxury," the current dean of Matfyz concluded.

Associate professor Dr. rer. nat. Mirko Rokyta, PhD. was born in Vsetín in 1962, where he graduated from a grammar school. He received a degree at MFF UK in 1985 and has been teaching at the Department of Mathematical Analysis since 1990. He became its leader in 2002. For the past eight years, he has acted as vice dean for mathematics.

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