Matfyz Welcomed Representatives of Taiwan University

June 20, 2024

The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the CUNI was visited by a delegation from the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). Representatives of the College of Science of NTNU and Matfyz talked about possibilities of cooperation in mathematics, physics, and other fields.

The delegation, headed by an executive vice-president Prof. Frank (Young-Hsiang) Ying and a dean of the College of Science Prof. Jein-Shan (Jason) Chen, was welcomed by a dean of Matfyz and a senior lecturer Mirko Rokyta. The meeting was also attended by the vice-dean for Mathematics Prof. Vít Dolejší and by the academic staff senior lecturer Jiří Pavlů, dr. Gilbert Pi from the Department of Surface and Plasma Science and Prof. Jana Kalbáčová Vejpravová from the Department of Condensed Matter Physics. NTNU was also represented by delegates of the Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry and Department of Life Science.

The aim of this meeting was to introduce the two institutions to each other in order to find liaison points to cooperate. Several suggestions in this direction were already made during the presentations and joint discussion. Cooperation in the field of physics seems very promising. Cooperation in the field of mathematics has been already intense between the Department of Applied Mathematics of Matfyz and the Department of Mathematics of NTNU. Taiwanese and Czech representatives also discussed the possibilities of a so-called double degree study. Since the College of Science’s focus is broader, the Taiwanese side expressed interest in cooperating especially with the Faculty of Science of Charles University.


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