Jaroslav Nešetřil Received ERC Synergy Grant

October 23, 2018

The worldwide recognized mathematician Jaroslav Nešetřil and his Hungarian colleagues from Eötvös Loránd University and Central European University in Budapest will study a mathematical theory of dynamic networks, which today influences all fields of science and technology.

Although networks (relations and bonds between elements in social area) influence human lives today more than anything else and they are very important e.g. in biology, communication, or social and economic systems, their fundamental principles of activities and functions are not fully understood. “The aim of ourresearch team *will therefore be the determination of comprehension transformation of complex systems and creation of a basis for their applications in many fields of study,”*said Jaroslav Nešetřil.

The network analysis and the graph theory went through a turbulent progress in the last few years. The progress was pretty much independent and both fields of study had only a limited mutual cooperation. The research, which the grant was given for, is very ambitious to change the independence and aims to create a complex theory of dynamic networks which will be the means for applications and will provide us with a paradigm for research of a variety of existing networks.

Experts from several fields of study e.g. cell biology, neurobiology, telecommunication, or information technology will cooperate in this research.

The current ERC grant is the third in line Charles University received this year.  In July Matyáš Fendrych of the Faculty of Science got the grant for his research of plants and also Ondřej Pejcha of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics received the grant for his research of a binary star.

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