Fourier Prize 2019

July 17, 2019

The best research works in computational science were awarded the Fourier Prize in Prague at the end of June.

The aim of this competition, annually organized by the French Embassy in the Czech Republic and the Atos IT Solutions and Services, is to reward students and young researchers who significantly supported innovation in computational science and information technology with the focus on design and use of computational algorithms and methods, simulations, modeling, and manipulations with the great volume of data.

At the end of May an assessor committee, whose member was also Prof. Jaroslav Pokorný of the Department of Software Engineering, the ambassador of the competition at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, gathered in supercomputing center IT4Innovations in Ostrava. Out of 9 research works, which made it to the shortlist, the committee chose the top three.

Ladislav Maršík, a Ph.D. student of MathPhys CU, made it to the shortlist and with the results presented in his dissertation thesis Cover Song Identification using Music Harmony Features, Model and Complexity Analysis he ended the fourth. His work belongs to the field of so called Music Information Retrieval. Dr. Maršík was given a special prize of 50,000 core hours at supercomputer ANSELM in Ostrava. With his work, Ladislav Maršík followed the success of the scientists from the Department of Software Engineering from the past years (4th place of Dr. Jakub Lokoč in 2011, 2nd place of Dr. Martin Kruliš in 2013, or 10,000 core hours for Dr. Martin Pilát in 2014).

The jubilee 25th year of this competition was ended by the official awarding of the Prize which took place in the Historical Building of the Czech National Museum on June 26th. The awards were given to the laureates by Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in 1987.


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