Mentoring Programme CUNI MFF

Mentoring is a professional relationship between a student (mentee) and a mentor, where the junior participant can benefit from the experience, skills, and contacts of the mentor. Mentoring serves to fulfil a clearly defined goal and has a time limit.

The mentor acts as a guide in a particular field or topic area and their task is to develop fundamental skills of the mentee. Using specific problems, they demonstrate approaches, which have and have not worked in their praxis, or alternatively, which solutions they would pick if they were in the mentee’s position. The environment, where the exchange takes place, is natural and one that the partners agree on. It is optimal for an alumnus, who is holding an interesting position, to become a mentor themselves.

The basis for mentoring is the mentee’s own initiative and activity, their will to learn new things. It is a voluntary, albeit binding, form of sharing free time, which can be mutually beneficial. It can, of course, lead to disappointment too in the case that the mentee is too passive and does not display much interest in acquiring new information. By showing their interest the mentee points the mentor in the direction, where mutually spent time can be focused.

For a university student, the programme represents a unique opportunity to, while still studying, more closely familiarize themselves with the work environment of the field, that they want to pursue in the future. They can gain valuable contacts and jumpstart their career. A student of any year or subject at CUNI MFF can become a mentee.

If you are interested in mentoring, send us a motivation letter and your CV to If you have preferences regarding, what your mentor should be like, email us and we will try to find one fitting your expectations. The updated list of mentors can be found here.

Mentoring program is covered by the EU project reg. Nr. CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_015/0002362.


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