Czech for Foreigners

Lecturer: Mgr. Dita Šebelová

The Czech for Foreigners course is taught at four levels:


The course is designed for students experiencing the Czech language and the country for the first time. Students learn basic phrases and essential grammar. The goal of the course is to master basic conversation in Czech.

Study materials: Holá, Bořilová. Čeština Expres 1
Winter semester: lesson 1 – 4 (introductions, finding one’s way around town, restaurants, family)
Summer semester: lessons 5 – 7 (meetings, outstanding Czech personalities, past tense, holidays)

Subject code: NJAZ097 (winter semester)
  NJAZ098 (summer semester)


The course is designed for students capable of basic conversation in Czech and for those who want to extend their knowledge.

Study materials: Holá, Bořilová. Čeština Expres 2
Winter semester: lesson 8 – 10 (planning time, living, shops, complaints, travelling)
Summer semester: lesson 11 – 14 (human body, greetings and wishes, services, jobs)

Subject code: NJAZ099 (winter semester)
  NJAZ100 (summer semester)


The course is designed for students who have mastered the basics of the language and want to achieve A2 language level. It is a follow-up course of the previous beginner and pre-intermediate course.

Study materials: Holá, Bořilová. Čeština Expres 3
Winter semester: lesson 1 – 4 (countries, languages, restaurants – Czech specialities, family relationships, travelling)
Summer semester: lesson 5 – 7 (characteristics and appearance, clothes and shopping, work and carreer, hypothetical situations)

Subject code: NJAZ199 (winter semester)
  NJAZ200 (summer semester)

Advanced (intermediate and above)

The course content and conversation is exclusively in Czech; hence, the course is designed for students who can speak fluent Czech. More complex grammar and lexical structures are presented and elaborated on in the course.

Study materials: Nekovářová: Čeština pro život 2; Boccou-Kestřánková, Hlínová, Pečený, Štěpánková: Čeština pro cizince, úroveň B2; various sources that reflect the proficiency level and needs of course participants

Subject code: NJAZ101 (winter semester)
  NJAZ102 (summer semester)