UNIcert® Examination

The Department of Language Education at MFF UK is fully accredited to design and organise the internationally recognised UNIcert® examination for the English for Mathematicians specialisation. The examination and certificate confirm the holder's command of the English language at level C1 (UNIcert® III level) in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

About UNIcert

The UNIcert® system of language education and certification helps to develop modern language course programmes appropriate for, and specific to, university education, i.e. programmes which do justice to the special requirements of university learners. It aims to standardise the grades awarded by universities for various levels of modern language competence and to promote a greater degree of comparability between university language course programmes. The system originates in Germany and has become widespread throughout Europe. More information can be found via the Association of Language Centres in Germany (AKS), which is the organizing authority and a national subsidiary of the CercleS organization (European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education).


If you are interested in the examination or would like to ask any other questions, please contact Mgr. Lucie Malá.