Information for First-Year Students

English Courses in the First Year

The Department of Language Education (KJP) offers four semesters of English language courses for bachelor students which prepare students for the compulsory exam in general and specialised English. Courses are optional and students will receive one credit in the faculty credit system as well as five internal “bonus” points for the final English exam organised by the department.

The credit is awarded for a number of assignments, including written tests (use of English, listening and reading comprehension, specialised English), essays, seminar papers and regular attendance. Internal bonus points may be reflected in assessing the student´s performance in the final examination.

First-year students can attend two forty-five minute lessons a week in the winter semester for intermediate and advanced levels (code NJAZ070 English for Upper-Intermediate Students I; code NJAZ170 English for Advanced Students) or four forty-five minute lessons a week for less advanced students (code NJAZ071 English for Pre-Intermediate Students I). The system of courses is organised in the same way (with different codes) during the summer semester.

Code Course
NJAZ070 English for Upper-Intermediate Students I
NJAZ071 English for Pre-Intermediate Students I
NJAZ170 English for Advanced Students* I
NJAZ072 English for Upper-Intermediate Students II
NJAZ073 English for Pre-Intermediate Students II
NJAZ172 English for Advanced Students* II

* A course with a native speaker for advanced students (Advanced Plus - see subject note in the SIS schedule) will be opened within this subject.

Lessons take place in Troja. Required course materials are the textbook New Total English (Pearson-Longman Publishing House) – Student's Book and Workbook. The books can be obtained at the Neoluxor bookshop on Wenceslas Square.

  • Pre-Intermediate students: New Total English Pre-Intermediate (A. Crace, R. Acklam);
  • Upper-Intermediate students: New Total English Upper-Intermediate (A. Crace, R. Acklam);
  • Advanced students: New Total English Advanced (J.J. Wilson, A. Clare);

For all levels and courses, the following textbook is used for specialized English/ESP (English for Specific Purposes):
Křepinská A., Bubeníková M., Mikuláš M.: Angličtina pro studenty MFF UK. Praha: Matfyzpress, 2013or the amended edition Angličtina (nejen) pro studenty MFF UK. Praha: Matfyzpress, 2019.

Students are obliged to pass the final departmental English exam (code NJAZ 091) during their bachelor studies at the Department of Language Education. The level of the final examination is the same for all students. Students usually register for the examination in the fourth semester of the bachelor study programme (and usually after four semesters of preparatory courses).

Before the beginning of each semester, MFF students can enrol for the courses for their seminar group and level prior to other Charles University students. We recommend that students regularly check information in SIS. One week before the beginning of each semester, students from other faculties of Charles University can start registering for the courses and fill up any free capacity.

!!!ATTENTION!!! – there is a limited number of participants in each course 

Address of the Department of Language Education:
Praha 8 – Troja, V Holešovičkách 2, Room V 133 – Building V