Dean's Directive No. 8/2018

The role of Academic Advisor for Studies in English


Art. 1 - Introductory provisions

The purpose of this Dean’s Directive is to define the role of Academic Advisor for Studies in English in terms of the activities and responsibilities associated with this position. The reason for establishing the position of such an advisor is to meet the specific needs of applicants and students in programmes taught in English.

Art. 2 - Basic provisions

An Academic Advisor for Studies in English is appointed and recalled by the Dean at the recommendation of the Coordinator of Studies in English; the Academic Advisor also reports to the Dean. The Coordinator of Studies in English methodically guides the Academic Advisor for Studies in English in fulfilling his/her role.

Art. 3 - The role of Academic Advisor

1. During the admission procedure, the Academic Advisor is involved in verifying the fulfilment of the conditions for admission by an applicant for studies in English in a given individual study programme/ subject.
2. The Academic Advisor participates in the implementation of the introductory preparatory course for newly enrolled students in English, and is authorized to manage staff assigned to the organization of this course.
3. At the beginning of their studies, the Academic Advisor will assist newly-enrolled students in English-taught study programmes/ subjects in selecting which lectures to attend, taking into account their previous studies and their results in the initial preparatory course (test).
4. Approximately halfway through the winter semester, the Academic Advisor organises an informal meeting with first year students in order to encourage them as well as to verify their preparedness to meet the requirements of subjects in which they are enrolled. In case of any difficulties that are identified, the Academic Advisor helps to solve the problems causing them, e.g. by recommending a change in the subjects in which they are enrolled, by directing them to suitable supplementary study materials, to seek feedback from a lecturer/teacher etc.
5. The Academic Advisor guides students of English-taught programmes in their selection of subjects also later during their studies, especially at the beginning of the academic year.
6. The Academic Advisor assists students in English-taught programmes in choosing the topic of their final piece of work (bachelor’s or master’s thesis), and provides them with information about the state final examination.
7. The Academic Advisor coordinates and manages the activities of student mentors.

Art. 4 – Remuneration of Academic Advisor for Studies in English

The work of an Academic Advisor for Studies in English is appreciated by a management fee. This additional payment expresses an appreciation of the positive contribution that the Academic Advisor provides.


This Directive shall enter into force on the day of its publication.

Proposer: Doc. Petr Kolman, Ph.D., Coordinator of Studies in English.

This Directive was approved by the Faculty on 25 June 2018, and issued on 26 June 2018.


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