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1987 PhD. in Condensed Matter Physics at the Charles University, Prague. 2000 habilitation at the Charles University, habilitation thesis Uranium intermetallic compounds: Magnetic and transport properties on the background of electronic structure


1986–1991 Researcher at the Charles University, employed for projects on stainless steel processing and on high-TC superconductors. By the end of the period joined the group of Prof. F.R. de Boer at the University of Amsterdam (1 year 1990–1991) working on magnetism of uranium ternaries. Also Scientific Visitor of the European Communities, ITU Karlsruhe, 1989–1991, A. von Humboldt Research Fellow, Technical Univ. Munich, ITU Karlsruhe 1991–92. Work on photoelectron spectroscopy of actinide systems.

1992–2000 Senior researcher at the Charles University, Department of Metal Physics.

1999 joined the newly established Department of Electronic Structures.

2000–2005 Associate professor at the Department of Electronic Structures, Charles University, 2000–2001 Visiting scientist v ITU Karlsruhe, 2000–2001

2005-till now Researcher at the Department of Electronic Structures, Charles University

Professional interests:

Magnetism and electronic structure of rare earths and actinides, hydrides of f-electron systems, synthesis, physical properties, photoelectron spectroscopy of actinides, synthesis and physical properties of thin layers

Professional awards and memberships:

Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship, 1991

Bronze medal of the Union of Czechoslovak Mathematicians and Physicists, 1996, for „Contribution to understanding of Giant Magnetoresistance phenomena in uranium compounds“

Lifetime Carreer Research Award by Journées des Actinides 2015

Research Fellowship of the Japanese Foundation for Promotion of Science, 1999

Journal of Alloys and Compounds Best Reviewer Award, 2021

Member of the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists, of Materials Research Society, and American Vacuum Society

Recent invited talks at international conferences, schools, and workshops:

International Workshop The Dual nature of f-Electrons, Idaho National laboratory, Idaho Falls, 6–9 June, 2016, invited talk Structure, bonding, and magnetism in U hydrides

Pu Futures – The Science 2018, San Diego, September 9–14, 2018, plenary talk Fingerprints of Electron Correlations in Various Phases of Plutonium: Electronic Properties of Pu19Os Simulating β-Pu

CECAM conference Strongly Correlated Materials: Experiments and Computation, Tel Aviv, 9.-12.4.2018, invited talk New findings about old UH3 – a way to room temperature 5f ferromagnetism

Spring Meeting of MRS, Phoenix, Arizona 2.-6.4. 2018, invited talk XPS, UPS, and BIS studies of thin films of hydrides, Uranium Science, Bristol, January 21–22, 2019, invited talk Thin films of uranium hydrides: β-UH3 and fcc UH2

CALCON 2019, July 28 – August 2, 29019, Santa Fe, Intriguing World of Uranium Hydrides: Magnetism and Electronic Structure, invited talk

XIV International Conference on Crystal Chemistry of Intermetallic Compounds, September 22–26, 2019, Lviv, Ukraine, plenary talk Uranium Hydrides: Mythology and Reality

International Workshop on the Dual Nature of f-Electrons 2022, Dresden 21–24th of June 2022, Invited talk Uranium hydrides in the light of photoelectron spectroscopy

30th conference of Israeli Nuclear and Radiation Protection Societies, Herzliya, June 7–9, 2022, Uranium hydrides and other systems seen from the point of view of polar bonding, keynote plenary talk

Other recent professional activities: Organizer (co-chair) of the symposium Actinides: Basic Science, Applications, and Technology at the MRS Spring Meeting Honolulu 2022. Member of International Advisory Committee of the conference series Plutonium Futures and the series Actinides Co-organizer of the bi-annual Prague Colloquium on f-Electron Systems (since 1992). Member of the panel PHYSICS of the Grant Agency of the Charles University (2018-now). Member of the evaluation panel Actinide Userlab by JRC (2013-now).


4 monographs in the field of actinides:

V. Sechovský, L. Havela: Intermetallic Compounds of Actinides, in: Ferromagnetic Materials – A Handbook on the Properties of Magnetically ordered Substances, E.P. Wohlfarth and K.H.J.Buschow, eds., North-Holland, Amsterdam 1988, vol.4, pp.309–491

V. Sechovský, L. Havela: Magnetism of Ternary Intermetallic Compounds of Uranium, in: Hanbook of Magnetic materials, K.H.J.Buschow, ed., North-Holland, Amsterdam 1998, vol.11, pp.1–289

L. Havela: Magnetism of 5f electron systems, in: The Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology, K.H. Jürgen Buschow, Robert W. Cahn, Merton C. Flemings, Bernhard Ilschner, Edward J. Kramer, and Subhash Mahajan, Eds., Elsevier Science, 2001

A.J. Arko, J.J. Joyce, L. Havela: 5f-Electron Phenomena in the Metallic State in: The Chemistry of the Actinide and Transactinide Elements, 3rd Edition, J.J. Katz, J.R. Morss, N. Edelstein, J. Fuger, eds., Springer 2006, pp. 2307–2379

392 articles papers in international research journals (by WoS)


Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Ke Karlovu 3, 121 16 Praha 2, Czech Republic
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