Turnitin is a system used to detect and prevent plagiarism and to improve the quality of academic papers.

At Charles University, all submitted theses have been checked by anti-plagiarism systems since 2011. Based on the Rector's Directive No. 15/2019 Comparison of thesis and habilitation thesis texts and their storage in inter-university and international thesis databases, all theses have been checked with the aforementioned Turnitin tool since 1 October 2019, in addition to the Thesis system used so far. The check for plagiarism by the Turnitin system is therefore implemented in the same way as Theses in the Student Information System. The inadmissibility of plagiarism is contained in the CUNI Code of Ethics.

This tool provides a suitable environment for carrying out continuous checking and providing feedback from the lecturer. At the same time, Turnitin is able to check the originality of submitted theses against an extensive database of sources (including translations from a foreign language).

Turnitin can also be used for assigning and submitting smaller assignments than final papers. One of the functionalities of the system is that assignment submission deadlines can be easily set. The work can then be evaluated with the help of so-called feedback studies. This offers both the possibility to check for similarity and to comment or mark different parts of the text with different tags. The tutor uses this tool to provide feedback to students by inserting comments or notes directly into the text of the work. Assessment forms or rubrics can also be used to assess the work. The system is used in top universities around the world.

All the essential information about the Turnitin system can be found on the website of the Central Library of Charles University.

Further tutorials can be found here:

To log in to the Turnitin system, visit http://turnitin.cuni.cz/

Login to the Turnitin system is only possible via the > turnitin.cuni.cz website using the >>Log into Turnitin<< button, which redirects the user to log in via CAS.

If you need help with the system, please contact the Turnitin coordinator.