How to become a reader

Since the end of 2019 you need just one registration for all libraries in the Charles University

To register, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain a membership card from Charles University

The CU card can be obtained at CUNI Card Service Centers. You must bring a valid identity card. Students and staff will typically receive the card at the beginning of their study or career at the faculty.

  1. Set your CAS login details

Within 5 days from the issuance of the card, it is necessary to set a password to the CAS. These are login details that are used by students and staff, for example, to log in to the SIS.

  1. Fill in the electronic application

Using your CAS login data, it is possible to log in to the library electronic application system. After logging in, it is necessary to give consent to the observance of the Library and circulation rules of Charles University and to the provision of personal data. Please check your contact details provided in the application.

After completing the electronic application, the reader is registered in the library system in 5 minutes at the latest.