Electronic information sources (e-resources or EIZ) are information sources made available in electronic form via the Internet. These are most often bibliographic databases (such as MathSciNet, Web of Science), full-text databases (such as ScienceDirect) or electronic books (e-books) and electronic journals (e-journals).

Access to e-resources


EndNote 20 (software)

Grammarly Premium


Terms of use of e-resources

The use of electronic information sources is subject to the conditions defined in the license agreements for individual sources. The user pledges to respect these conditions, especially the following principles:

Violation of the license conditions may lead to blocking access to the electronic resource for the whole faculty, or even for the whole Charles University. Charles University, or respective faculty, can claim damages on a user who commits such an act. In the case of university or faculty employees violation of license conditions can be resolved according to the Labor Code, or in the case of students in disciplinary proceedings.


Mgr. Katerina Vrtalkova