Types of document loans

You can borrow a document from the MFF UK Library only after you have registered in the library system.

The conditions for borrowing a selected document are determined by the so-called Unified Loans Matrix, valid for all UK libraries. The complete rules according to which you can borrow documents can be found in the Uniform borrowing matrix.

Which document can be borrowed and for how long is determined by the particular reader (or patron) category:

The reader category is determined by the system based on the data in SIS UK. If the reader category changes, please note that the limits and conditions of a particular loans are always governed by the rules applicable to the reader category at the time the borrowing occurs.
The MFF UK Library uses the following categories of reader in general:

Student Open to all students Registration valid for 3 years
Member of staff For everyone with a CUNI employment contract 5 years
Collaborator of CUNI Usually for external CUNI employees 1 year
Member of public Intended for professional and general public 1 year
ILS borrower Intended exclusively for other libraries 5 years

Unit status always refers to the specific library unit being lent (1 copy of a book, magazine, 1 CD, etc.).
The MFF UK library uses the following unit statuses:

Regular loan Books, usually for 30 days
Regular loan (store) Documents placed in the depositories, their borrowing can be ordered through the online catalogue (ckis.cuni.cz), the loan period is usually 30 days
Study loan Schoolbooks and textbooks, usually for 150 days
In-house loan Documents intended mainly for on-site study (e.g. encyclopaedias and journals)
In-house loan (store) Documents placed in depositories, loan to the study room can be ordered through the online catalogue (ckis.cuni.cz)
Strictly in-house loan Documents intended for on-site study only - they may not leave the library rooms
Electronic device E-book readers (on special contract), calculators and other electronic devices - loan for 14 days
Accessible Online Documents accessible electronically, loan period usually 14 days or direct reading without restriction