Library services

The CUNI MFF Library provides a wide range of lending, bibliographic and reference services. In all our study rooms we offer readers free access to the Internet (via WiFi or desktop computers) and to all subscribed e-sources. We are happy to welcome and give advise to new readers in all departments of our library.

Loan services

Everything about lending books, i.e. loans, returns, reservations, penalties, losses and compensation, or return boxes.

Study rooms

All departments of our library offer a place to study and relax.


The library provides access to e-resources, electronic databases, e-journals and e-books.

Printing, copying and scanning

We provide reprographic services in all departments of the library.

Interlibrary loan services

The library mediates loans and copies from the collections of other libraries in the Czech Republic as well as from abroad, with reciprocity.

Internet connection

In all departments of our library it is possible to connect to the Internet via the faculty wifi service (eduroam).

Matfyzpress e-shop delivery points

You can pick up ordered and paid goods from the Matfyzpress e-shop at all departments of our library.

Purchase of new books

We accept suggestions for the purchase of new or missing literature. We mediate the purchase of books from grants or section funds.

Software multi-licensing

Multi-licensing and discounts on software equipment that are available to CUNI MFF students and staff.

Faculty coordination

The library plays a coordinating role in the following areas:

Trainings, lectures, consultations, education and instructions

Every year we prepare presentations for first-year students at Alber, continuously update instructions for library users, will be happy to advise you on orientation in the library services and, upon request, prepare a lecture or training to expand your knowledge of using e-resources.