Other Language Courses (apart from English)

Regardless of their year of studies, students can register for other language courses (German, Russian, French, Spanish and Czech for foreigners) and, upon completion of course requirements, will receive 3 credits.

NJAZ049Elementary German I0/2 Z 3 credits
NJAZ050Elementary German II 0/2 Z3 credits
NJAZ051Pre-Intermediate German I0/2 Z 3 credits
NJAZ052Pre-Intermediate German II 0/2 Z3 credits
NJAZ081Intermediate German I0/2 Z 3 credits
NJAZ082Intermediate German II 0/2 Z3 credits
NJAZ053Upper Intermediate German I0/2 Z 3 credits
NJAZ054Upper Intermediate German II 0/2 Z3 credits
NJAZ083German for Advanced Students I0/2 Z 3 credits
NJAZ084German for Advanced Students II 0/2 Z3 credits
NJAZ043Elementary French I0/2 Z 3 credits
NJAZ044Elementary French II 0/2 Z3 credits
NJAZ045Pre-Intermediate French I0/2 Z 3 credits
NJAZ046Pre-Intermediate French II 0/2 Z3 credits
NJAZ047French for Advanced Students I0/2 Z 3 credits
NJAZ048French for Advanced Students II 0/2 Z3 credits
NJAZ094French for Intermediate Students I0/2 Z 3 credits
NJAZ095French for Intermediate Students II 0/2 Z3 credits
NJAZ039Elementary Russian I0/2 Z 3 credits
NJAZ040Elementary Russian II 0/2Z3 credits
NJAZ041Pre-Intermediate Russian I0/2Z 3 credits
NJAZ042Pre-Intermediate Russian II 0/2Z3 credits
NJAZ017Elementary Spanish I0/2Z 3 credits
NJAZ080Elementary Spanish II 0/2Z3 credits
NJAZ078Pre-Intermediate Spanish I0/2Z 3 credits
NJAZ079Pre-Intermediate Spanish II 0/2Z3 credits
NJAZ104Intermediate Spanish I0/2Z 3 credits
NJAZ105Intermediate Spanish II 0/2Z3 credits
NJAZ108Advanced Spanish I0/2Z 3 credits
NJAZ109Advanced Spanish II 0/2Z3 credits
NJAZ097Elementary Czech I0/2 Z 3 credits
NJAZ098Elementary Czech II 0/2 Z3 credits
NJAZ099Pre-Intermediate Czech I0/2 Z 3 credits
NJAZ100Pre-Intermediate Czech II 0/2 Z3 credits
NJAZ101Advanced Czech I0/2 Z 3 credits
NJAZ102Advanced Czech II 0/2 Z3 credits
NJAZ199Intermediate Czech I0/2 Z 3 credits
NJAZ200Intermediate Czech II 0/2 Z3 credits

If the course is not successfully completed, it can be retaken at a later date.

For information about teaching materials and textbooks, refer to course description in SIS. More detailed information will be provided by the respective lecturers:

  • German and Russian – PhDr. L. Vachalovská, CSc. – room T148 Troja
  • French – PhDr. M. Dundrová, Ph.D. – room T148 Troja
  • Spanish – Mgr. J. Vacková Wernerová – room T148 Troja
  • Czech – Mgr. Dita Strouhalová – room V127 Troja; Mgr. Kateřina Nohlová – room V160 Troja

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