Measures regarding the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 disease

25 September 2020

Principles for distance education at MFF UK in winter semester 2020/21

On September 23, 2020, the Crisis Management Team COV-MFF approved the text below, specifying principles and rules of distance teaching at MFF UK. More detailed technical information about the organization of teaching, the operation of lecture halls and buildings will be published in the right-hand section of this web.

According to the Order No. 12/2020 of the Prague City Health Station, there is a ban on the personal presence of students in classes in Prague. The ban does not apply to:

  • individual visits to libraries and study rooms;
  • individual consultations;
  • examinations with no more than 10 participants;
  • laboratory, experimental or artistic work with no more than 15 participants;
  • clinical and practical classes and practice.

For this reason, teaching at MFF UK from September 29, 2020 will be conducted in a distance form until further notice. Only laboratory and experimental courses (based on permission of the vice-dean for student affairs), individual consultations (with a maximum of 2 students) and examinations may be performed in-class, with a limit of participants as indicated above.

Obligatory measures

  1. The faculty does not specify the form of distance teaching. Options for its implementation include:
    • direct online transmission of lectures held in a lecture hall
    • direct online transmission of a presentation held elsewhere
    • shared audio/video recording of presentation
    • interactive discussion or consultation
    • instruction via learning software (Moodle etc.)
    • supervised reading from university textbooks or literature
    • any other reasonable form
  2. Each teacher chooses a technically feasible form of distance teaching so that it fits the course topic and style of teaching and allows students to participate and interact.
  3. As soon as possible, each teacher announces the form of distance teaching and pointers to the study materials either directly via the SIS or on another web linked from the SIS.
  4. During the first two weeks of the semester, each teacher will adapt the requirements for obtaining the course credit and for passing the exam, with respect to the chosen form of distance teaching. The teacher will also inform students about the requirements and the deadlines.
  5. Online classes usually take place at the time specified in the schedule. Exceptions are possible if there is no schedule conflict for the teacher, the students and the lecture rooms. Permanent changes to the regular teaching time must be recorded in the schedule in SIS.
  6. Live broadcast of lectures and classes should be recorded; the recording has to be available to the enrolled students until the end of the academic year (in case of exercise classes, not all parallel sections need to be recorded). The requirement of recording does not apply to free discussions. Students may be recorded only with their consent, following the GDPR rules.
  7. Recommended online teaching platforms at MFF UK include Zoom, MS Teams, Adobe Connect and Moodle. Other platforms may be used in justified cases. The technical details will be published in the right-hand section of the MFF UK's Covid web.
  8. Offline forms of distance teaching (audio/video recordings, supervised reading) have to be accompanied by an interactive component (regular discussions, consultations, tests).
  9. The allowed forms of distance teaching and software platforms can be further specified by schools' vice-deans, department heads, and study programme coordinators within their authority.
  10. The computer labs will be closed. In justified cases, the schools' vice dean may decide to partially open some labs subject to appropriate hygienic measures.

Recommendations for teachers

  • inform students in time on when, where, and how the teaching information and study materials will be provided
  • remember that it might be difficult for students to search for and follow information about all enrolled courses; try to make it as easy as possible for them
  • require at least some form of regular activity from students
  • try to keep the assigned work within manageable limits (taking into account that students have also other courses)
  • maintain adequate contact with all enrolled students, encourage students to give you feedback on the quality of distance learning and the volume of required work
  • plan in advance the distance forms for credit requirements and exams
  • educate yourself in the use of online learning platforms and in pedagogical methods of distance learning

Advice for students

  • develop a system for following and compiling information on organisation of all your courses, recording deadlines, etc.
  • try to study all your courses as regularly as possible to avoid accumulating of too much work
  • stay in touch with your classmates and help each other with studying (but do not copy each other's homework solutions)
  • if you have concerns about the quality of distance learning in some course, let your teacher, programme coordinator or appropriate department head know; we would like to solve the problems as soon as possible, however, first we need to be aware of them

The Crisis Management Team of the MFF UK for emergencies connected with the increased incidence of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic

23 September 2020

With respect to the order 12/2020 of the Prague City Health Station, we regret to inform you that all the activities related to teaching in the winter semester of the Academic year 2020/21 from its opening on September 29, will be delivered remotely. Further details will be announced later this week.

15 September 2020

At the meeting held on September 11, 2020, the Faculty Management agreed to publish the following text, reflecting the current hygienic situation in the Czech Republic.

Organizational matters

  • The management of the MFF UK prohibits people with symptoms of respiratory disease or fever from entering the faculty buildings. The doorkeper is entitled to measure the temperature of the entering people and, if necessary, to prohibit entry to the building. Non-contact thermometers will also be available for borrowing in the entrance area of the buildings for faculty members. In connection with this measure, the management of the faculty cancels the obligation to sign a statement concerning no symptoms of a viral disease upon entrance to the buildings.
  • It is obligatory to disinfect your hands upon entering the MFF UK buildings (this applies to all public buildings in Prague as of September 14); disinfection dispensers are installed in the entrances of the buildings.
  • It is obligatory to wear a mask or other mouth and nose cover in the building. This is not necessary in offices if you are alone or at a sufficient distance from your regular co-workers. Please limit the greetings by shaking hands.
  • Proven COVID-19 disease or a positive test for SARS CoV-2 or the beginning or termination of quarantine, which was ordered by the hygienic station, should be reported to the nearest supervisor, who will inform the faculty contact person, the head of administration Ing. A. Líska, .
  • The faculty management extends the recommendation that travel to countries with a high risk of infection and to countries outside the Schengen area should be limited to the minimum; the exemptions have to be approved by the dean of the faculty. Analogous measures apply to foreign visitors. In the case of holiday travel, the faculty management recommends to avoid trips to high-risk countries. All employees going abroad are recommended to register in the DROZD system.
  • In a few days, the Crisis Management Team of the MFF UK will be appointed as the Dean's advisory body for matters related to COVID-19.


  • The form of teaching for all or some courses will be decided and announced by the Crisis Management Team of the MFF UK no later than one week before the beginning of standard teaching, that is, by September 22. No epidemiological measure or regulation from the level of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, or the Charles University has yet limited the start of full-time teaching in the winter semester. The Rectorate of Charles University plans to issue general university-wide measures by September 18, and faculty-level measures will follow.
  • The management of the faculty still considers an advantage to start contact teaching in classes, at least in part, especially in the freshman year. For those students, distance learning from the first day of the semester could be a  major complication for their successful study.
  • Due to the development of the number of infections in the Czech Republic, it is possible to expect tightening of hygienic measures and possibly an early decision on changing the form of teaching at Charles University and the MFF UK.
  • Already at this moment, the management of the faculty decided to cancel some activities: Lifelong courses are cancelled; Matfyzák, the student association, also decided to postpone the student celebration "Beánie". Also, the Matriculation of freshmen year was cancelled; Students will be notified by the department of student affairs about an alternate procedure for the matriculation.

Remarks for the teachers

  • Please be prepared that teaching in the winter semester can take in-class, hybrid or fully distance form, and that the announcement of a change in the form of teaching can happen at any time. The school is ready for the transition to distance teaching, the new hardware allows remote teaching from dozens of classrooms, educational software is available at the university level (MS Teams, Zoom, Moodle, etc.). You can find more information at or from IT system administrators in the individual buildings.
  • Please be aware that even in the case of in-class teaching, it will be necessary to prepare and make available good study materials for students who are unable to attend, due to illness, quarantine or travel restrictions.
  • Please adjust the requirements for course credits (zápočet) so that they do not require a personal presence in class, consider the amount of these requirements so that even if it is necessary to reduce teaching in case of more serious or longer difficulties, they can be reasonably met. Think in advance about the most suitable way of potential distance teaching and prepare for it. (Plan distribution of study materials, communication with students, recording of lectures, use of software platforms for teaching, etc.)
  • Prepare for possible remote examinations during the examination period of the winter semester and consider adjusting the examination requirements in this context.

Remarks for the program coordinators and department heads

  • Please plan adequate means and time for communication with teachers during the semester, consider alternative teaching options in case of the teacher’s unavailability.
  • Prepare a list of courses for which distance teaching will not be feasible or would be feasible only with large difficulties and with a significant negative impact on the quality of teaching, and provide it to the vice-dean for student affairs.

The second wave of COVID-19 is here and we have to deal with it. Teaching and scientific mobility, as well as the operation of the faculty administration, will be significantly hampered. However, we already have our experience with running the faculty in difficult conditions caused by the first wave. We believe that we will cope with the upcoming semester as well.

Mirko Rokyta, the dean
on behalf of the faculty management

9 September 2020

Dear friends,

the situation both in Prague and in the whole Czech Republic concerning the Covid-19 disease is not developing quite well these days. It is not clear at this point whether there will be any restrictions on face-to-face teaching. The first meeting of the new Management of the Faculty, that has been in charge since September 6, will take place on this Friday, September 11, and the discussion of measures related to the teaching and operation of the MFF UK in general will be one of the main points of the meeting. More detailed information could be therefore expected at the end of the week.

At this point, however, I would like to ask you to obey government regulations effective from September 10, aksing everyone to wear a mask or other suitable mouth-and-nose cover in all interiors of all the buildings [not only] of the Faculty. Of course, this obligation does not apply in cases when persons sit in their own offices, but it does apply when one visits other offices. It also turns out that strict adherence to the so-called "rule of HMS" (not to be confused with hours-minutes-seconds), which reads: "hands (i.e their thorough hygiene), masks, spacing", significantly reduces the risk of infection not only for you, but also for people around you.

During the spring, thanks to the efforts of all our staff and students, we managed to successfully continue our teaching, and maintain the normal operation of the Faculty. Thank you all for that. I believe that we will manage the same also in the fall, in whatever restrictive conditions may come, as healthy as possible and with a positive attitude.

In the name of the Management of the Faculty
Mirko Rokyta, Dean

5 August 2020

Coronavirus testing for students and employees of Charles University at 1. LF UK

30 July 2020

Tuition of first year Bachelor's and Master's Computer Science students in academic year 2020/2021

We will deliver as much face-to-face teaching as we safely can according to current health conditions and regulations. We want to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from face-to-face contact with lecturers.

For those of you who are accepted on one of our programmes but won't be able to make it to Prague in time due to health issues or related visa problems (as some of our embassies are closed for visa applications and may remain so for the next weeks or months) we will stream or record all lectures that are recommended for first year students on Bachelor's and Master's programmes and will make them available online. The means of tuition in the complementary exercise classes (tutorials) will be decided on an individual basis by the tutors concerned.

We look forward to welcoming you in Prague in autumn, be it face-to-face or online!

29 June 2020

Terms and conditions of the access to the faculty buildings from June 22, 2020

The Faculty buildings are open to students and employees of Charles University, to people with work duties in these buildings and to visitors attending events organized by the Faculty or its members.

Access to the buildings is subject to all hygienic and organizational restrictions announced by the Government and the University. The management of the Faculty still asks the students and visitors to sign, upon entrance to the buildings, a statement that they have not experienced any symptoms of a viral disease during the past two weeks.

From now on it is possible for more than 15 people to gather in the same lecture room if face masks are used. The management of the Faculty recommends this more benevolent approach mainly in case of written exams, and asks the examinors to observe the two meter distancing recommendation.

18 June 2020

To all applicants for Ph.D. studies

The date of the entrance exams for the Ph.D. programs has been newly set to July 28 and 29, 2020.

15 June 2020

Recommendation of the Management of the Faculty regarding the international travel

As the restrictions announced by the Government are developing, from June 15, 2020 on it is possible to plan international travels. Trips of our faculty members to countries colored green or orange in the map of the Ministry of Health are fully in the jurisdiction of the department heads. Travel to red colored or uncolored countries should only be planned in exceptional cases, and all of them must be approved by the Dean. Traveling faculty members are themselves responsible for learning and following all directions of the Ministry of Health of Czech Republic and the authorities of the destination country.

It is also posible to start inviting visiting scholars to MathPhys. Citizens of the countries marked in green can arrive without any restrictions. Inviting residents of orange or red countries, as well as those residing outside of EU, must be approved by the Dean.

25 May 2020

Announcement by the Management of the Faculty

Dear students and colleagues!

We keep observing the continuing relaxation of COVID-19 related restrictions with a great relief. As of today, the buildings of the Faculty are open in a  standard mode.

However, access to the buildings is still subject to hygienic restrictions imposed by the Government. In particular, students and visitors have to sign a  statement that they have not experienced any symptoms of a viral disease during the past two weeks. All activities must be organized in groups of at most 15 people. Moreover, we are kindly asking you to be considerate of other colleagues. Even though the face masks are not required during classes and exams, please continue to use them - especially if anybody in the room asks for that.

As the academic schedule has been changed, there are still some classes running, while some are completed and exams are gradually starting. We all got used to remote ways of teaching the classes quickly, but for exams, generally, in-class exams seem to be preferred. In this connection we are asking all the teachers to schedule their exams so that all the hygienic requirements can be met, and allow remote exams for students who cannot come to school easily (e.g., students currently staying abroad). And we are asking the students for understanding that not exams will be organized remotely (in particular, the final exams) - if you cannot attend in-class exams now, please, plan to take them at a later date.

We wish all students success during the exam period, and we thank you all for your willingness and ability to adjust to the unusual circumstances of this semester.

For the Management of the Faculty
Jan Kratochvil - Dean
Frantisek Chmelik - Vice-Dean for Student Affairs
Vladislav Kubon - Vice-Dean for Education

19 May 2020

Terms and conditions of the access to the faculty buildings from May 25, 2020

The Faculty buildings are open to students and employees of Charles University, to people with work duties in these buildings and to visitors attending events organized by the Faculty or its members. Access to the buildings is subject to all hygienic and organizational restrictions announced by the Government and the University. In particular, upon entrance, the students and visitors have to sign a statement that they have not experienced any symptoms of a viral disease during the past two weeks.

Organizations of classes and exams after May 25, 2020

Distance learning may switch to in-class meetings only if all students can be present. Exams will be organized both in-class and remotely. In-class teaching and exams are subject to all hygienic and organizational restrictions announced by the Government and the University. In particular, upon entrance, the students have to sign a statement that they have not experienced any symptoms of a viral disease during the past two weeks.

5 May 2020

Some technical details for the implementation of distance learning and inspection during the state of emergency

4 May 2020

Announcement regarding government regulations approved on April 30, 2020

As of May 11, 2020, the government allows classes of at most 15 students. However, the Faculty Management recommends to continue the remote way of teaching in the view of lasting impossibility of larger classes and other organizational difficulties. Nevertheless, it is allowed to resume classroom teaching if all the students of the given course agree – a valid reason against agreeing may be not only quarantine or impossibility to travel to Prague, but also, e.g., a schedule with an adjacent class taught remotely.

30 April 2020

Information to prospective doctoral students

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics has decided to postpone the deadline for applications to all Ph.D. programs taught in English to June 30, 2020. The Faculty is currently undertaking formal steps to involve this postponement into conditions of admission procedure published in the University Information System.

24 April 2020

Announcement by the Management of the Faculty

In connection with the measures applied by the Government of the Czech Republic and with the Announcement of Charles University's Rector, the operation of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physcis from April 28, 2020 on will be as follows:

  • All classes will continue solely by remote ways of teaching. At this point the teaching should be planned with the presumption that large classes will not return to classrooms before the end of the semester.
  • Access to the faculty buildings is granted to all students while respecting hygienic and organizational restrictions announced by the Government and the University (individual consultations, lab measurements, small groups only, signing a statement when entering etc.).
  • Extending the summer semester till June 12, 2020, does not mean that all classes have to run till this date. When the teachers started the on-line classes promptly and have covered all material, they may start examining before this date.
  • The rules now enable all exams to be performed remotely. If the on-line way of teaching and examinations imply different course completion requirements, these should be changed in SIS by the end of April, 2020.
  • Additional changes in the organization of classes and operation of the faculty will be considered by the Management of the Faculty following the development of general rules in the Czech Republic, and will be announced at the web of the Faculty.

21 April 2020

The Dean of MFF CUNI has updated the terms and conditions of the access to the faculty buildings from 16 March 2020

All faculty buildings remain closed but the exception is newly granted to students in the final years of their study in the following cases:

  • consultations or examinations (maximum of 5 people present),
  • labs and experiments conducted mostly in order to allow the students of BA, MA, and doctoral study programmes finish their final theses (maximum 5 people present).

Upon their entrance, the students will sign a statement that they have not experienced any symptoms of a viral disease in the past two weeks.

The Building Management Department will make sure that all access regulations are being followed and that there is disinfectant available.

Library services are announed at the Library homepage.

20 April 2020

Academic calendar 2019/2020

Updated according to the Dean's Directive no. 7/2020.

20 April 2020

Information to prospective doctoral students

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics intends to postpone the deadline for applications to all Ph.D. programs taught in English to June 30, 2020. The Faculty is currently undertaking formal steps to enable this postponement.

6 April 2020

At the meeting of the faculty authorities from March 20th, 2020 the deadline May 7th, 2020 for submission of Diploma Thesis was confirmed. But given the current situation, the faculty will not insist on submitting the paper version of the thesis for now.

26 March 2020 16:30

Please note that the Rector of the University has modified the academic year 2019/2020 schedule in connection with the current situation by his directive No 11/2020. The Dean will announce new dates that are in his jurisdiction later, in line with new developments. At this point, the Faculty administration considers any further specifications premature.

20 March 2020 19:00

Information for applicants as of 20 March 2020

Please note that in the current situation with the COVID-19 outbreak you can demonstrate compliance with our admission requirements also by providing us the transcripts of your previous education - you don't have to take the standardized tests (ACT, SAT, TOEFL etc.). Please check the details.

20 March 2020 16:00

Information for students as of 20 March 2020

19 March 2020 13:15

Support for remote education

Starting from Wednesday, March 18, 2020, the Library of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, makes it possible for students of the Faculty to check out printed copies of books and lecture notes remotely. Detailed information and instructions can be found at While the restrictions on the free movement of people throughout the Czech Republic are in effect, the delivery fees will be covered by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

The publishing house of the Faculty, Matfyzpress, offers a 20% discount on selected titles. More details at Other materials, mainly in electronic form, that are available for remote access can be found at, and (for Matfypress titles

19 March 2020 10:30

Announcement of the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs regarding the graduation ceremonies

Dear graduates,

Considering the current situation, all graduation ceremonies have been cancelled. Alternative dates will be set when all emergency provisions are revoked.

With respect to the development of the situation in the Czech Republic and current emergency measures regarding the coronavirus, it is not possible to set any final dates at the moment. You will be informed about a cancellation / confirmation of a graduation ceremony as well as about an alternative date by email in advance. For now, all graduation ceremonies taking place in MARCH are CANCELLED.

If the date of your graduation ceremony is cancelled, the alternative one will be set as soon as possible. In case you need to get your diploma in person before the new date is set, you can pick it up in the Student Affairs Department FROM THE DATE ORIGINALLY SET FOR YOUR GRADUATION onwards. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pick it up earlier as it takes time to make the diplomas.

Even if you decide to pick up your diploma, you can still take part in the rescheduled ceremony.

Please wait for more information that will available at the beginning of April 2020.

Doc. RNDr. František Chmelík, CSc.

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs

16 March 2020 15:15

Access to the CUNI MFF buildings

From March 17, 2020, 00:00 until further notice, all faculty buildings are closed to anybody else than Math-Phys employees and students, whose access is granted for the purpose of maintaining the functionality of the institution, performing on-going research and preparing or managing the remote teaching processes (any other exceptions must be approved by the Dean or the Head of Administration). All educational activities are restricted to distance learning.

16 March 2020 14:40

Announcement by Charles University's Rector Tomáš Zima in response to the Czech government’s state of emergency declaration

13 March 2020 18:00

Message from the dean

Students, faculty members, staff employees,

The situation, regulations, and restrictions in the Czech Republic regarding coronavirus COVID-19 are changing every day. We keep you informed about their consequences for the Faculty life on Please check the website regularly.

At this point the situation in the Czech Republic is such that despite all restrictive measures, the vital processes continue uninterrupted and education is one of them. In compliance with the regulation of Ministry of Health, Charles University switches to remote forms of teaching. Although individual consultations, work in specialized laboratories, and individual exams can take place, it is vital to limit them to the minimum necessary. Libraries and IT laboratories are closed until further notice. You will be continually informed about the recommended forms of distance learning.

As the situation develops, we can expect that government institutions will organize volunteers willing to help in the areas affected. The management of the Faculty naturally appreciates if the students or employees are willing to participate in such activities. We would like to support our staff in this decision – their voluntary service will be regarded as and paid for as the work for the Faculty if approved by their department heads. I also ask the teachers to conduct the distance form of learning in a way that would not require the students to be connected online at a specific time.

Thank you all for your understanding and for your work under such difficult conditions.

Jan Kratochvíl
Dean of CUNI MFF

13 March 2020 14:15

Information for students

Following the decision of the Ministry of Health No. MZDR 10676/2020–1/MIN/KAN which came into effect on 11 March 2020, the students are forbidden to be personally present in any classes regardless of the form of study (full-time, distance, or combined).

We expect that the state of emergency can be extended and last for more than one month. Our aim is to maintain the teaching activities – the lectures and seminars will be conducted remotely in the form of online lectures, consultations, recorded lectures, homework assignments, and controlled reading. This transition will be gradual but the goal is to provide regular remote teaching by March 23 and finish the semester, including the final and state exams, successfully. We expect that, as the situation continually develops, the organization of the semester can be adjusted and there can be some extensions in the scale of weeks. We are aware that the system of study of paerticular study programs can be different. With this in mind, you will have received the instructions on the organization of the remote form of study specified for each program by individual vice-deans by March 16 at latest via the Student Affairs Dpt.

13 March 2020 13:40

Offical response to declaration of state of emergency by the Czech government (13 March)

12 March 2020 17:55

Offical response to declaration of state of emergency by the Czech government (12 March)

12 March 2020 17:10

Information on the closure of library by the Faculty management

Following the declaration of the state of emergency, the management of the Faculty decided to close the library fully, effective from March 13, 2020 until further notice. The employees of the library will be available via phone or email.

11 March 2020 15:30

The university’s stance on the directive issued by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic on 10 March 2020

The university workplace

It is paramount that all Charles University sites and workplaces remain open. Individual workplaces are not shutting down; simply, researchers and other staff are shifting the bulk of their pedagogical activities but will offer the same through distance learning. Individual forms of teaching, consultations, individual laboratory work can continue as before to meet goals set by individual faculties. Currently, we are discussing the issue of student training at university hospitals with the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Study checks

Individual exams are continuing without change. Study checks ie. testing of large groups have been discontinued until further notice (for example, written exams) Individuals tests – such as state exams – have not been affected.

Dormitories and refectories

Dormitories and refectories are operating as normal but with heightened hygiene measures. We are asking students not to gather in larger groups and to focus on self-education. We are leaving it up to students to choose whether to return to their families’ homes but appeal to them to rationally consider the move so as not to put older relatives (grandparents or great grandparents) at risk.

11 March 2020 15:00

Limited operation of the CUNI MFF library in context of the current situation

  1. All study rooms of all departmental libraries are closed until further notice
  2. Opening hours are 8:30 am – 3 pm until further notice
  3. Loan periods of all items loaned are automatically extended by one month

10 March 2020 16:00

Dean’s update

1) The Dean of CUNI MFF in accordance with the measures of the Ministry of Health and the Rector of Charles University cancels all classes and prohibits presence of students at lectures, seminars, exercise sections, and courses of any type, as of 10 March, 6 pm.

The teachers are recommended to continue their classes using an appropriate remote form (web pages, recommended reading, homework assignments and projects, etc.). The students are required to complete all assignments electronically and maintain regular contacts with their teachers.

All regular office hours are cancelled; individual consultations are possible and should be arranged by email or phone in advance.

Scheduled Ph.D. defences, exams, etc. will take place as planned.

2) Scientific and research activities will continue without restrictions. Faculty members and researchers should follow advice of the heads of departments regarding their presence or home office. The Dean’s office and also management and maintenance of all buildings will provide their usual services.

We strongly recommend that supervisors send employees to foreign trips only in exceptional urgent cases. Similar restrictions should hold for inviting foreign visitors.

Employees who are currently abroad are encouraged to register themselves in the DROZD system (

All events by the Faculty, where the anticipated attendance is expected to exceed one hundred people are cancelled. In case of cancellations of smaller events, their organizers will be contacted.

3) If needed, students should contact the Student Affairs Department by phone or email; personal visits are restricted to bare minimum. The office hours of the Student Affairs Department are cancelled until further notice.

Applicants for any study programmes should submit all their applications and documents by mail.

4) The faculty management will provide regular updates at; please follow this page regularly. All measures above are valid until further notice and may change according to new developments.

10 March 2020 12:40

Charles University’s rector has issued an order prohibiting any students and other participants from attending class regardless of type of study or classes (presentational, long distance or combined) as of 11 March 2020. The order is in accordance with a decision by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic in response to the threat of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The possibility of long-distances study is recommended.

As of 6 pm on 10 March, all ceremonial activities at Charles University (including all degree or graduation ceremonies) are hereby cancelled.

As of 6 pm on 10 March, all symposia, sporting events and other gatherings where attendance is expected to be higher than 100 people, are cancelled.

Individual faculties as well as university bodies are advised to carefully consider the need for any event involving up to a maximum 100 participants.

This order was issued at 11:45 am on 10 March 2020.

More details to follow.

10 March 2020 9:20

In accordance with the instructions provided by the Rector of Charles University on 9 March 2020, all teaching activities organized within the University of the Third Age programmes (i.e. the lifelong learning programmes of the Faculty) are immediately suspended.

Business trips

If an employee has travel insurance (e.g. annual insurance cards) and their event was provably cancelled, they are eligible for compensation (flight tickets, transport tickets) from their travel insurance. It is necessary to contact the relevant insurance company and submit all required documents.

If a trip was cancelled by an employee as a safety precaution, etc., it is necessary to request partial cancellation compensation. To ensure the proper classification of the financial compensation, please select the TA 12 section and hand in the documentation as so that the request for a compensation can be made.

All cases will be resolved individually – please call line 1414.

7 March 2020

Ministry of Health Issues a New Extraordinary Measure of Quarantine for Persons Returning from Italy

6 March 2020

Ministry of Health Issues an Extraordinary Measure of Quarantine for Persons Returning from Italy

Please consider all your trips to Italy carefully and prevent the spread of the virus.

Note that only your general practitioner/epidemiologist can decide about the quarantine. When under quarantine, the employee is entitled to a sickness benefit.

3 March 2020

Teaching at faculties and operation of Dormitories and Catering facilities (canteens, etc.)

At the moment, the CU management does not find any reason for the general or even local cancellation of teaching due to the absence of confirmed infection at Charles University. For the same reason, Dormitories and canteens continue to operate in the standard mode.

If students or employees of CU stayed in risk areas for study or private reasons (according to current information published by the competent authorities), we recommend that you follow the opinion of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and follow their instructions. The physician / epidemiologist of the relevant public health network / sanitary station will decide what to do next.

For students, colleagues or employees from abroad, we recommend contacting Na Bulovce Hospital - Infectious, Parasitic and Tropical Diseases Clinic, which provides relevant information and recommendations in English.

Cultural and social events

Considering current situation in the Czech Republic, the CU management recommends not to cancel yet the planned cultural and social events of faculties and universities. At the same time, it strongly recommends all of participants and guests not to participate in these events if they have returned from risk areas or have health problems. The UK management guarantees the admission refund for these persons.

Scientific activities

The above-mentioned procedure, which is described for cultural and social events, is also recommended for conferences or other scientific activities.

At the same time, however, it is recommended that the participation of persons resident or staying in risk areas is to be individually discussed, with the suggestion that such persons should not participate in the events.


All the above recommendations are made by the management of Charles University in relation to the current situation. Charles University continually informs and updates information on the development of the situation and is prepared to promptly react to its progress.

Dean’s Directive No. 9/2020

Measure of the Dean to the Special Rules of Study at MFF CUNI for the academic year 2019/2020

Special Rules of Study at Charles University

University Headquarters News

Remote education

Conditions for foreign nationals newly coming into the territory of the Czech Republic

Faculty contacts

In the case of a suspicion of the disease or if you are already facing health issues, please contact the following personnel (by email or phone):

Contact for faculty employees:
Mgr. Tomáš Jančák

For students:
JUDr. Dana Macharová

For students of BA and MA programmes:
Marcela Všechovská, Daniela Pysková

For students of doctoral programmes and programmes in English:
Ing. Daniela Rejnušová

University contacts

(even during weekends)

Info line 224 491 850
(Mon - Thu 9am – 5pm, Fri 9am – 4pm)

The National Institute of Public Health (Státní zdravotní ústav)

Nonstop help-lines 724 810 106 and 725 191 367

Counceling Services (Alivio)


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