Current rules for entering the MFF UK buildings and staying in the MFF UK buildings

(as of January 5, 2022)


All persons tested positive for COVID-19 or showing signs of respiratory disease are prohibited from entering the buildings of the MFF UK.

Wearing a respirator of class FFP2 is mandatory for everyone in all internal areas of the buildings, with the following  exceptions:

  • faculty and other employees in their office provided distancing of at least 1,5 meters is maintained;
  • lecturers during any teaching activity provided sufficient distancing from students is maintained (typically in the large lecture halls) in cases when wearing a respirator would significantly degrade the teaching quality;
  • examiners during any examining activity or students during presentations of their final theses  provided sufficient distancing from others  is  maintained;
  • during consumption of foods and drinks, for a necessary period.

We ask everyone to be considerate of others so that we can carry out as many exams as possible in person.


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