Study Programmes and Branches of Bachelor Studies

for the Academic Year 2023/2024

Study Programme Computer Science

Computer Science

Form of study: full-time

Outline of study: The aim of the bachelor program Computer Science is an education of graduates with a broad knowledge in two areas. The first area of gained expertise is applied computer science, in particular the ability to analyze and program real world problems, which enables the graduates to get jobs in the industry directly after finishing their bachelor degree. The second area is theoretical computer science (including a relatively broad mathematical foundation), which enables the graduates to continue their studies on a master (and later possibly also a doctoral) level. The coverage of both above mentioned areas is in an accord with the position of computer science on the borderline between technical and natural sciences.

The study program Computer Science has three specializations. One of them is more practically oriented (Databases and web) and two more theoretically focused (General computer science, Artificial intelligence). The first year of study is common for all three specializations, which allows students to pick their specializations as late as in the second year of study, when they have enough information for such a decision.

An important part of the study program is creative work, which includes student theses. This type of work is aimed at software and specialized hardware development (in the applied area of computer science), and at scientific publications (in the theoretical area of computer science).

Prospects for graduates: Graduates of the study program Computer Science possess a combination of skills and knowledge, which enables them to work both on IT applications (programming, systems administration, SW application development), and in analytical jobs, which require deep theoretical background and sharp critical thinking. Graduates are capable of quickly absorbing new findings and thus be well versed in the rapidly changing world of IT technologies. The exact profile of a graduate of course depends on the chosen specialization as different specializations put different emphasis on concrete skills and knowledge.Job market opportunities for graduates of all three specializations are excellent. The list of occupations for which graduates are prepared in the individual study specializations include: programmer, applications developer (both for standard and mobile platforms), software analyst, data and web application analyst, process analyst (especially in IT companies), computer systems administrator, process optimization specialist, natural language processing specialist (both for spoken and written language), computer games developer. These occupations belong to those most demanded on the job market. The unemployment rate of our graduates is null and a vast majority of our graduates stays in the field in which they obtained their degree.

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