Open Day

23 November 2017

A whole day long presentation of all study programmes at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, CU (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Education) as well as all study majors offers all people interested detailed information. The Open Day’s programme provides applicants with bits and pieces of academic topics presented in a form of popularizing lectures, meetings about possibilities and conditions of studies, and information stands of all faculty’s departments.

Registrations are closed. The accompanying programme is available to the public without registration during the whole day.

Start as you wish

The Open Day takes place in the building of Matfyz at the 25 Lesser Town square for the first time, so no further transfers are necessary.

The main change of this year is the possibility to choose the time the Open Day starts for you. The participants can choose between 9am, 10am, and 11am without missing anything form the whole programme. By doing it this way we hope to enable the whole programme to potential students living out of Prague. It is necessary to register for the particular time. Each group will have its own guide.

We believe to provide visitors with better access together with new and unusual experiences.

Programme for the whole day

If you come a bit earlier, you can visit the information stands at the hallways of the faculty where you can see some illustrations of works of Matfyz as well as interesting problems and experiments. There are also interesting presentations outside in front of the building prepared if the weather is reasonable. So there is no room for boredom.

The stands as well as the popularizing lectures will be accessible during the whole day. During some breaks there is also some refreshment prepared there.

Open Day without registration

The unregistered visitors cannot attend particular lectures and meetings but can go through all the stands and get information about mathematics, physics, and computer science and additional accompanying programme.


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