Student projects

One of the ways in which first-year students can try and "touch" scientific work at our department are the so-called student faculty grants (SFG). During these student projects, their researchers will get acquainted with the scientific topics addressed at KMF, as well as with various advanced deposition and characterization techniques, or with methods of theoretical physics. In addition, upon successful completion of a student project, the student also receives a financial reward.

If you are interested, contact us or make an appointment with us ( We will be happy to introduce you our research topics, show you the experimental equipment and discuss the possible SFG topics.


Examples of SFG' that have been addressed recently at our department:

  • Study of porphyrins using nuclear magnetic resonance
  • NMR relaxation experiments in hydrogels
  • Temperature-sensitive hydrogels
  • Software for evaluation of tests of study prerequisites in mathematics
  • Study of temperature-sensitive molecules using nuclear magnetic resonance
  • Entropy production in a regularized RR circuit
  • Production of entropy at subdued diffusion in external potential
  • Morphology of polymer islands deposited from the gas phase on plasma polymer substrates
  • Structure of thin composite layers based on Ag nanoparticles and plasma polymer
  • Performance and efficiency of molecular machines driven by information
  • Molecular machines powered by information
  • Study of thermoresponsive substances using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  • Study of evaporation of drops from surfaces with different wettability
  • Preparation of metal nanoclusters and study of their stability
  • Preparation of metal nanoclusters using a gas aggregation source