Experimental equipment

At our department we have top experimental equipment available both for samples preparation and for their detailed characterization in terms of thier chemical composition, morphology and topography, wettability, optical, electrical, mechanical thermal properties as well as bioadhesive and antibacterial properties. We also have the technical background, which allows us to manufacture and develop smaller parts and devices.


Samples preparation

  • Vacuum deposition systems
  • Nanoparticle sources
  • Atmospheric pressure plasma sources
  • Chemical laboratory

Characterization of studied materials

  • Microscopic techniques (SEM, AFM)
    Spectroscopic and optical diagnostic methods (XPS, UV-Vis, FT-IR, NMR, Ellipsometry, DLS & SLS)
  • Electrical and optoelectronic properties
  • Mechanical and thermal properties (Nanoindentation, DSC, DMA)
  • Chromatography

Other technical equipment and infrastructure

  • Diagnostics of plasma and deposition process
  • Biological laboratory
  • Measurement of wettability and drying dynamics of droplets
  • 3D printing and production of small parts