Our department participates in the education of students in the field of Physics. The Bachelor's degree, the student may General Physics choice of elective courses, student projects and thesis topic to focus on both the preparation for the Master's degree, as well as to obtain practically or theoretically oriented knowledge specialization in study branches Physics of Condensed Matter and Materials, Surface physics and Theoretical physics. In the master's study program Physics of Condensed Matter Systems and Materials, we are the guarantors of two study plans, namely Physics of Macromolecular Substances and Physics of Real Surfaces. The doctoral study takes place within the study program P4F4A Biophysics, Chemical and Macromolecular Physics (in English). The complete list of courses provided by our department can be found HERE.

We offer students a wide range of attractive topics in the field of physics of nanomaterials, physics of polymers and macromolecular substances and theoretical physics, in the solution of which they will gain good knowledge about the chemical and physical structure of interesting materials. They will also get acquainted with a number of top experimental methods for their preparation and characterization. We offer more practically oriented students the opportunity to participate in the development and construction of new deposition systems and measuring instruments using advanced methods, such as 3D printing. More theoretically oriented students at our department gain a good overview of modern parts of thermodynamics, statistical physics, quantum chemistry and advanced computational methods.

Thematic areas and examples of specific student final theses can be found HERE, while we will be happy to list other theses after consultation with potential applicants. Contacts for individual employees of our department can be found HERE. In addition, we also offer first-year bachelor's students the opportunity to participate in scientific activities at our department within the framework of Student Faculty Grants.

Interested students are also invited to a regular department seminar, to which we invite top experts from both the Czech Republic and abroad. The program of this seminar can be found HERE.

As part of our teaching, we support international internships for students. One of the possibilities is trips within the ERASMUS+ project, where some of our employees are the coordinators of these projects (e.g. with universities in Bologna, Italy, Aalborg, Denmark, Lisbon, Portugal or Kiel, Germany).

Last but not least, we also promote physics at our department. In this regard, we offer excursions to our workplace, or popular lectures on atractive topics.