Our students

We lead our students, both bachelor's and master's, as well as doctoral, to independent research activities and involve them in ongoing research projects. We strive for their professional growth with an emphasis not only on theoretical understanding of the topics studied, but also with regard to gaining the necessary experimental skills and getting acquainted with modern technologies and measuring equipment. The fact that we are doing well is evidenced by the number of awards and prizes that our students have received in recent years.

Every year, we also list several topics of Student Faculty Grants (SFG) for first-year bachelor's students, where we give them the opportunity to "touch" the scientific work and get acquainted with the scientific topics addressed at our department. We support older students in submitting their own grant proposals within the Grant Agency of Charles University (GAUK), which enables them to conduct their own research under professional guidance.

Last but not least, we also support short-term study and research internships of our students at collaborating foreign institutions such as Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (Germany), Ghent University (Belgium), University of Bari (Italy), University College Dublin (Ireland), Leipzig (Germany).

GAUK projects solved by our students

Internships of our students