Doctoral theses

As part of doctoral studies, our department participates in teaching and supervising students in the field of Biophysics, Chemical and Macromolecular Physics (P4F4, for study in English P4F4A).

Our graduates become experts prepared for independent scientific work in basic and applied research in interdisciplinary areas on the border of physics, chemistry and biology. During the study, they acquire deep knowledge of appropriate physical experimental and theoretical methods needed for the study and development of advanced nanomaterials, polymers and macromolecular substances, as well as knowledge in the fields of chemistry or biology needed to participate in multidisciplinary scientific teams. Thanks to this, our students have recently won several prestigious awards. After graduation, our students find employment in research academic or development workplaces and as leading scientists in laboratories focused on physico-chemical or biological-physical analyzes.

Every year we publish dissertations focused on research of various types of nanomaterials, hydrogels or conductive polymers, modification of materials for biomedical applications (antibacterial surfaces, platforms for bio-detection, materials for controlled immobilization of biomolecules) and characterization and theoretical description of these systems. An overview of currently listed topics can be found HERE. However, by mutual agreement, it is possible to list new topics. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us:

Disserations in progress:

Overview of successfully defended dissertations: