Algebraický seminář

Current seminar:
Monday, December 4, 15:30 - 16:30, Seminar room of KA (No. 334) and via ZOOM

Chris Parker (Univ. Bielefeld): Bounded t-structures, finitistic dimensions, and singularity categories of triangulated categories

Abstract:  We will talk about recent joint work on a triangulated categorical generalisation of Neeman's theorem on the existence of bounded t-structures on the derived category of perfect complexes, which solved a bold conjecture by Antieau, Gepner, and Heller. In particular, under mild conditions, we show how the existence of a bounded t-structure on the compact objects of a triangulated category T implies that the singularity category of T vanishes. To achieve this, we show that certain t-structures can be lifted from a triangulated category to its completion, as well as introduce the notion of finitistic dimension for triangulated categories. This work is joint with Rudradip Biswas, Kabeer Manali Rahul, Hongxing Chen, and Junhua Zheng.

11.12. - TBA
Previous program:

The Algebra Seminar was founded by Vladimir Korinek in the early 1950's and continued by Karel Drbohlav until 1981. The seminar resumed its activities in 1990 under the guidance of Jaroslav Jezek and Tomas Kepka. Since 1994, the seminar is headed by Jan Trlifaj.

Presently, the seminar is supported by GACR. It serves primarily as a platform for presentation of recent research of the visitors to the Department of Algebra as well as members of the Department and their students.